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243Need Part time helper in Statesville- Great pay

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  • gimbutis
    Sep 25, 2013
      Hello brothers, 

      I am in need of someone who has more patience than I do.  What they will be doing is standing in front of a computer terminal at the Iredell County Courthouse, flipping through screens of info, and writing down the data I'm looking for (which will be leads that I mail to for my Judgment enforcement business).

      I will train them how to do it, it's not hard, just tedious.  I will pay by the hour or by the lead, once someone gets good at it they'd make a lot more doing it by the lead.  Hourly would be $15 per hour cash, depending on  how many leads I need at the time, I'd be looking for 5-10 hours per week.

      This would be perfect for someone with a high school age kid or something, they can do it anytime the courthouse is open, I care not when.

      Lou Gimbutis