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232Traveling Gavel

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  • lloyd
    Jun 27, 2013
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      Brethren of the 30th District,
      The Traveling Gavel, or Galloping Gavel as it was once referred to, has seemed to have taken up residence at Snow Creek No. 571. It has sat in front of the Master's podium for approximately 6 months or more.
      Here is a question for our District Deputies; How long before we can claim full ownership of the gavel?

      The Brethren of Snow Creek would like to see the gavel on the road again doing the job it was intended to do. That is to encourage visitation and good fellowship among lodges. Any 30th District lodge is welcome, and invited, to lay claim to the gavel at our stated communication on the 1st and 3rd Monday in each month starting at 7:30 PM. It only takes three brothers with one of them being a principle officer.
      Hope to see you soon at Snow Creek.
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