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Re: File - Any Reports on 30 mtr contacts?

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  • dl6xaz
    Hi all, here my 30m-QSOs of the past seven days: Start date UTC RX kHz Mode Call Name QTH ... 07-Nov-2011 17:28:00 10140.6 BPSK31
    Message 1 of 925 , Nov 15, 2011
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      Hi all,
      here my 30m-QSOs of the past seven days:

      Start date UTC RX kHz Mode Call Name QTH
      -------------------- -------- ------ --------- -------- -------------------
      07-Nov-2011 17:28:00 10140.6 BPSK31 SV0XCC/9 Pol VATHY
      08-Nov-2011 15:29:00 10141.4 QPSK31 RW3XB Yuri Kaluga
      08-Nov-2011 15:33:00 10141.4 QPSK31 IZ7DMT Vito Turi nr BARI
      08-Nov-2011 15:50:00 10142.8 FMHELL IZ7DMT Vito Turi nr BARI
      08-Nov-2011 20:18:00 10141.7 BPSK31 GM4WZL John GALSTON AYRSHIRE
      11-Nov-2011 09:37:00 10141.5 BPSK31 M6KEB Mike Essex
      11-Nov-2011 13:44:00 10140.7 QPSK63 UA3PKA Vladimir Sokolniki
      11-Nov-2011 13:47:00 10140.7 QPSK63 DL9HK/QRP Henrik Hummersen
      12-Nov-2011 10:47:00 10143.0 FMHELL IZ1TGH Roberto Gravellona_Toce
      13-Nov-2011 21:02:00 10140.5 JT65 KA3VVA JEFFRY HARMONY
      13-Nov-2011 21:34:00 10141.4 BPSK31 VE1CDD JOHN LOWER SACKVILLE, NS
      14-Nov-2011 09:40:00 10141.5 BPSK31 G8MLI Ken Plymouth
      15-Nov-2011 16:28:00 10140.7 BPSK31 RA4UDC Alexey Ruzaevka
      15-Nov-2011 16:32:00 10140.7 BPSK31 UA9FCV Victor nr Perm
      15-Nov-2011 16:37:00 10140.7 BPSK31 M0NPQ Nerijus Great Yarmouth
      15-Nov-2011 16:41:00 10140.7 BPSK31 SP8CNS Henry BIALA PODLASKA
      15-Nov-2011 16:57:00 10142.7 MFSK SV4FFK Sakis Volos

      We have seen much better conditions on the band, but very often I see dozens of WSPR tracks with no other digital signals. Propagation is there, but no hams. Ok, I have done more than 6000 QSOs on 30m in total, so very often I meet known hams. But: who cares ? I am happy about every call coming in when calling CQ.
      At least the hated OTHR from Akrotiri ZC4 has been disturbing us less often on this band.
      vy73 Fred DL6XAZ

      --- In 30MDG@yahoogroups.com, 30MDG@yahoogroups.com wrote:
      > Any group member have any 30 meter PSK or other digital mode contacts to report?
      > Or does anyone has any comments about the propagation paths in your area of the World for the last few weeks on the 30 meter band?
      > (openings, path changes, activity, DX best times, modes, antennas, etc)
      > Or report 30m digital spots here:
      > http://hamspots.net/30mdg/
      > (thanks Laurie VK3AMA)
      > http://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html
      > Also remember thanks to a few members here we have live 30 Meter PSK Online Receivers so check out what is happening in other parts of the World on 30 Meters:
      > http://aprs.pa3gwh.com/PskRcvR12/Applet/Receiver.html
      > Voorburg JO22EB Netherlands, Thanks Richard PA3GWH
      > http://on7kei.no-ip.info:8080/Receiver.html
      > Peer Belgium JO21re, Thanks Eddy ON7KEI
      > http://ve1cdd.ham-radio-op.net/
      > Halifax, NS Canada FN84ds, Thanks John VE1CDD
      > http://digital.servepics.com/
      > Cortez, CO USA DM57ri, Thanks Fr Johnny KD5LWU
      > (we have 2 online PSK receivers in EU and 2 in NA, anyone else wanting to setup a 30 meter PSK receiver please email kb9umt AT arrl.net )
      > Thanks
      > de kb9umt Don 30MDG#0001
      > EN50dp - Moderator
    • graham787
      Night at the Opera starting , Russia EU 73-Graham G0NBD https://rosmodem.wordpress.com/ https://rosmodem.wordpress.com/ Txmtr
      Message 925 of 925 , Today at 12:09 PM
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        Night  at the  Opera  starting ,  Russia <> EU 




        TxmtrRcvrBandModeDistanceTime (UTC)
        UN7GNNL899230mOPERA5135 km18:53:10
        UN7GNPA0ING30mOPERA5101 km18:48:20
        UN7GNRW3ADB30mOPERA3107 km18:48:21
        UN7GNUA3ARC30mOPERA3091 km18:41:30
        RW3ADBNL899230mOPERA2035 km18:50:47
        UA3ARCPA0ING30mOPERA2012 km18:45:59
        UA3ARCRW3ADB30mOPERA38 km18:46:04
        RW3ADBUA3ARC30mOPERA38 km18:43:41

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