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Re: Use WSPR propagation

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  • Don
    Harold kd8dvy, Ron K0IDT and all, Good discussion and sorry I have been out of the loop here a couple months so catching up. Harold you think like me but I m
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      Harold kd8dvy, Ron K0IDT and all,

      Good discussion and sorry I have been out of the loop here a couple months so catching up.

      Harold you think like me but I'm afraid others don't think the same hi...I already tried to do what you would like to see or try but so far ZERO participation in WSPR contacts so I stopped trying. The action is on JT65 so fire it up on JT65 as it is the best next thing and there is at least some JT65 30m contacts to be made (just because the WSPR path is open doesn't mean that same path is open for other digital modes like PSK...can be nada on that mode when WSPR is reporting).

      Ron you hit on a subject that was discussed by the 30MDG Managers and due to the misunderstanding we think by some on WSPR we have come to the conclusion that as far as U30 (Ultimate 30 for 30MDG Awards) goes we will no longer have WSPR as a mode since 99.9% of the WSPR in someones log would be what we would call 'WSPR Propagation Reporting' reporting which like you said is not a valid contact but just a propagation tool and report...very very small percentage of what we would call 'WSPR QSO' logging a true QSO (don't see many of those). We can not verify each WSPR entry to know the difference between if it was a true WSPR QSO or just WSPR Propagation Reporting... again since most all are not using WSPR as a true contact mode U30 will no longer allow it.

      Personally I think WSPR is a very neat weak signal mode and I wish like Harold I could have had a few WSPR Contacts or experiment with it more (not propgation reporting) but I have found no activty for these WSPR QSO contacts....so JT65 is next best at the moment with some good activity on 30m (we sure could use more JT65 in my view but all in all we do have JT65 acitivty on 30m which is good to see).

      Don KB9UMT 30mdg#0001

      --- In 30MDG@yahoogroups.com, "k0idt" <K0IDT@...> wrote:
      > Maybe I'm missing something here but are you suggesting one way
      > WSPR should be a valid contact? If so I can let my computer and
      > rig work DXCC while I'm doing other things in the shack....a control
      > operator is present in this case.
      > Ron
      > K0IDT
      > --- In 30MDG@yahoogroups.com, "kd8dvy@" <lilhawk236@> wrote:
      > >
      > > That is exactly my point about making WSPR a valid 30m contact only. As John just pointed out he was seeing calls on WSPR and tried to make contact on other modes and the only mode that worked was JT65, no other digital mode.
      > >
      > > So if we pushed to make WSPR a valid contact then we would have more 30m digital contacts, and more activity on 30m. If my memory serves me correctly you are not to leave your rig TXing without you being present while operating on 30m. (part 97, possible interference issues).
      > >
      > > As my last comment of this reply I can say that this is the most discussion about this mode I have seen on the net or in any group.
      > >
      > > That is why I love this hobby, polite and considerate of others thoughts. A whole diverse world and common sense. And they say it can't be done (HI HI).
      > >
      > > Harold/KD8DVY
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