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30m Multi Mode Weekend June 4/5 - KB9UMT

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  • Don
    GE, I hope some of you might have some comments from the weekend...those that have comments we welcome you to post here to this forum (those that don t and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2011

      I hope some of you might have some comments from the weekend...those that have comments we welcome you to post here to this forum (those that don't and just reading FB too).

      Personally I did find a few hours over the weekend to get on the band so it was nice to take the time to join in (no other activities on that weekend which was a first...first and last for me for months). I also thought it best if I was going to see any EU 30m ops to stay up late/early morning hours on my Friday night to work those in EU on their Saturday morning (worked out good...seen lots of activity from EU).

      I would say usually when in my shack I listen more than anything so I was able to get a few comments on paper and observations:

      - I think EU or EPC had some sort of event going because I seen many EU ops using QPSK modes (QPSK63 seemed active)...also a number of EPC special stations on the 30m band too.
      - It was a nice weekend here in NA so many might have been out enjoying the weather...don't blame them. Also, other events on different bands so don't blame others using the bands, all good we can't predict the weather, who will show up, or other events about the bands so we make a go of it and those that show up so be it, it is the 30m band so it is casual and come as you are-relaxed WARC Band (this is good thing actually).
      - Activity in general..to me turn out was low. Usually I count on around 10% of the 30mdg membership to participate and I think we were below that this time but all in all those on the band that I was reading the print on QSO's were having a good time at the different modes. Noticed on HamSpots and other dxclusters 30m spots with many different modes-more so than normal so I think others joined in with us.
      - Noticed at one point the band psk section very busy but KB1*** using 16/1000 Olivia from 10141.0 to 10142.0...not sure I understand why when so many PSK signals/QSO's were going on but maybe he didn't see or hear them-not sure. Did notice on a few of the less used modes that are wider than most PSK that both seemed to interact well with each other so both PSK QSO were being completed at the same time as other QSO's like Contestia and Olivia etc..interesting.
      - A few ops I noticed stating that they know they were using what they had for an antenna to get on the 30m band but stated they were going to upgrade to a dedicated 30m antenna (be it wire dipole, vertical, etc) so that is good to see others getting interested enough to maybe get some dedicated 30m antennas.
      - The band was in good shape for me 6-4-11 morning but not so good later that day/night..all in all decent from here in EN50.
      - Number of 30mdg members on the band and great to see...also able to work a number of them. Some thanked 30mdg for sending them the email letting them know of the event weekend.
      - First day noticed from here anyway that the mode that had the best party was JT65...it was rocking to the point of no room for me to CQ so other modes I did but wated the JT65 action - it was busy.
      - Second day June 5 had storms here and had to unhook main outside antennas (wires,yagi,vertical,etc) but even with an inside wire loop about the basement below ground that JT65 worked (even spotted by South Africa).

      Okay that is just a few commments from here so I will not bore you but hope you have some also.

      My contact list below from the weekend and again thanks for those that participated...I had a great time.

      4-Jun-11 04:13:44 10141.9 QPSK63 2E0BPP

      4-Jun-11 04:21:11 10141.9 QPSK63 DJ4WM

      4-Jun-11 04:24:34 10141.9 QPSK63 DG1LHM

      4-Jun-11 04:28:12 10141.9 QPSK63 DB5JL

      4-Jun-11 05:20:00 10138.0 JT65 ZS6ANZ

      4-Jun-11 05:26:44 10140.5 RTTY G4RCG

      4-Jun-11 05:43:59 10141.9 BPSK63 N3CAL

      4-Jun-11 05:53:53 10141.9 BPSK63 OK1UYR

      4-Jun-11 06:02:08 10142.7 RTTY G0UZP

      4-Jun-11 06:23:35 10141.2 DOMEX8 VK2FAK

      4-Jun-11 07:17:00 10138.0 JT65 G0UZP

      4-Jun-11 07:23:00 10138.0 JT65 M0GWI

      4-Jun-11 07:30:00 10138.0 JT65 VK3AMA *** Laurie on the band!

      4-Jun-11 07:39:00 10138.0 JT65 EA3BKZ

      4-Jun-11 07:53:00 10138.0 JT65 ON5DC

      4-Jun-11 08:00:00 10138.0 JT65 VK3DAG (request switch to 10115 cw for LOTW award)

      4-Jun-11 08:05:00 10138.0 CW VK3DAG (happy camper-might be first VK for LOTW triple)

      4-Jun-11 08:12:52 10115.2 CW VK2DAG

      4-Jun-11 14:04:04 10141.7 BPSK31 W5VGR

      4-Jun-11 14:11:44 10141.7 DOMEX8 W4VN

      4-Jun-11 14:27:36 10141.2 BPSK31 NK2X ** Larry on the band! (Larry played some JT65 as well to N4ABN?)

      4-Jun-11 16:27:00 10142.20 CTSTIA 4/250 W2JLB

      4-Jun-11 18:10:11 10142.2 Throb4 W3ZKU (Ross) switched many modes...Throb, FH,
      THor, Olivia 8/250 etc over 1 hr qso-fun testing!

      4-Jun-11 19:53:00 10142.5 DOMEX8/THROB4 KA9BHD and W4VN 3 way group qso

      4-Jun-11 22:31:00 10142.3 DOMEX8 KC2OUV

      4-Jun-11 22:24:00 10142.3 DOMEX8 KC2UGV (to his inside attic ant!)

      ** Storm in my area –unhooked main outside antennas-hooked up inside wire-below JT65 contacts were all on 10w and inside wire around basement walls ***

      5-Jun-11 00:12:00 10138.0 JT65 KD8EZS

      5-Jun-11 00:20:00 10138.0 JT65 KB9KPT

      5-Jun-11 00:26:00 10138.0 JT65 K2HU

      5-Jun-11 00:36:00 10138.0 JT65 K0IDT

      5-Jun-11 00:46:00 10138.0 JT65 N3KBI

      5-Jun-11 00:52:00 10138.0 JT65 VE3ZUP

      5-Jun-11 01:00:00 10138.0 JT65 WB5NPW

      *** Storm over back to 30m yagi

      5-Jun-11 03:37:00 10143.3 CTSTIA 4/250 KD0BKQ

      5-Jun-11 04:00:12 10142.2 THROB4 K4VO

      5-Jun-11 04:00:12 10142.2 THROB4 K4KGA

      5-Jun-11 04:31:02 1014.03 RTTY N4LRA

      5-Jun-11 04:57:07 10142.4 BPSK31 ZL30MDG *** Rob on the band!

      5-Jun-11 14:46:00 10138.0 JT65 VA3KAB

      5-Jun-11 14:48:00 10138.0 JT65 KT4KB

      5-Jun-11 22:54:23 10142.6 DOMEX11 K3PBU

      5-Jun-11 23:00:45 10142.2 DOMEX8 W1WRH

      5-Jun-11 23:18:08 10142.2 DOMEX8 VE4KZ

      5-Jun-11 23:47:00 10142.2 DOMEX8 AE2AA

      6-Jun-11 00:44:00 10142.2 DOMEX8 K4KGA

      de kb9umt Don 30MDG#0001
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