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Re: The 30m Band Utilization Chart -- 2 June 2011

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  • k0idt
    Nicely done on the chart Ian ! Very easy to see what s where. Jeff you don t have to worry about emcomm operation by hams being done away with. Take a look at
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 3, 2011
      Nicely done on the chart Ian ! Very easy to see what's where.

      Jeff you don't have to worry about emcomm operation by hams being
      done away with. Take a look at the number of professional emcomm
      types getting their ham tickets...they won't need volunteers to
      man their comm centers soon. They will still be hams just not us.
      The Winlink users don't run 24/7 and hog the band they just take
      over whatever frequency they happen to be on busy or not.

      Now before this turns into a Winlink bash session how about some
      creative discussion on how to co-exist with the Winlink and Winmoor
      users. I'll warn you ahead of time some of them are difficult at
      best to reason with. I asked a few questions a long time ago and
      answers ranged from none to hate mail to the frequencies are
      published, in other words we own them. If you've ever had a QSO
      in progress stomped by one of the robots you know what I mean.
      I've even left a few digital related lists because of the arrogance
      and egos of the few. I finally gave up.

      The questions I asked were quite simple and I never got a decent
      Why do you need so many "channels"....their wording
      Why must you utilize almost 35% (at the time I asked) on 30m?
      Why doesn't the "sophisticated signal detection" in WLK2k work?
      Who is the international body that coordinated your "channels"?
      Why can't the unattended stations stay above 10140?

      Reasonable discussion invited, flames and hate mail direct please.
      Oh, if it's direct please have the courtesy to sign it with your
      call and real name.


      --- In 30MDG@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Moore" <tnetcenter@...> wrote:
      > Yep, They run 24-7 and hog up all the band, that's why you can't find anyone to talk to on 30m w/o having special events to get people to operate on the band.
      > Let's just do away with emcomm operation by hams, then the FCC can sell our spectrum to the highest bidder. Afterall, we don't serve any useful purpose, we just hog up needed spectrum for no good reason!
      > Jeff Moore -- KE7ACY
      > BTW, Good job on the chart Ian!
      > ----- Original Message ----- From: dennuszabawa
      > Looking at the chart only serves to reinforce my strong belief that WINLINK does not belong an the 30M band let alone on Amateur Radio AT ALL!!!! 30+ WINLINK, bandwidth hogging, frequencies in "shared" spectrum is way over the top TOO MUCH!! MARS, CAP and other Governmental communications organizations can best utilize this mode on their channelized frequencies.
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