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Re: [30meterPSKGroup] Re: Further promo of events....

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  • o22sail@yahoo.com
    Hey Don, You are right. Something for everyone. Perhaps I am guilty of being somewhat old school with a new call. But, then again...I don t publicly diss
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 4, 2007
      Hey Don,
      You are right.  Something for everyone.
      Perhaps I am guilty of being somewhat "old school" with a new call.
      But, then again...I don't publicly diss them by blowing off their "public events" either.  There is a certain amount of arrogance about those who enter with the sole intent of "serving".
      I say, learn the hobby and what you really can do.  When you can really do it, THEN you are ready to do EMCOMM.  Not the other way around.
      I did say it was a peeve of mine. (even though I did not spell peeve right the first time) LOL!
      Thanks and you are correct in your assesment of our avocation.
      I'll go try something digital on 30 now.
      Trey, ki4itv

      Don <dhobson123@...> wrote:

      Great that you tried to promote the event but don't get too down
      about some other Hams not so interested. Really its all good, we all
      have different interests in Ham Radio so what you might be into at
      the moment might not be others cup of tea at this time and even your
      interests will change over time...we have a great hobby/service with
      hundreds of things to do and something for everyone! All you can do
      is what you did, put the word out.

      Be a better Globetrotter. Get better travel answers from someone who knows.
      Yahoo! Answers - Check it out.

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