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Last 24hr 4/4/11 PSK Reporter for KB9UMT-RainGutter Antenna

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  • Don
    Just FYI Band conditions so good even the rain gutter spots well on 30m...for even DX too........ Last 24 hours using RS DX440 SWrxvr and Rain Gutter antenna
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2011
      Just FYI
      Band conditions so good even the rain gutter spots well on 30m...for even DX too........

      Last 24 hours using RS DX440 SWrxvr and Rain Gutter antenna
      (pulled main antenns -yagi- and main spotting rxvr DX394 due to strong Storms)

      Txmtr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
      F5TTI 30m PSK31 6808 kms 00:58:29
      KJ4ZPD 30m PSK31 718 miles 00:56:14
      WA5MS 30m PSK31 662 miles 00:47:59
      IT9CCB 30m PSK31 8495 kms 00:47:24
      WA3YLQ 30m PSK31 752 miles 00:47:02
      W4EW 30m PSK31 558 miles 00:46:55
      W1LIC 30m JT65 1095 miles 22:37:50
      WA2HYO 30m JT65 802 miles 22:28:53
      WB2FYZ 30m PSK31 770 miles 22:15:04
      N2RIT 30m PSK31 809 miles 22:03:09
      AA4XN 30m PSK31 674 miles 22:00:56
      N2BRD 30m PSK31 737 miles 21:51:33
      W4EW 30m PSK31 557 miles 21:18:11
      WN2T 30m PSK31 770 miles 21:05:12
      VE4KZ 30m PSK31 1231 kms 21:04:49
      WB2AQC 30m PSK31 832 miles 20:46:19
      KB3FEI 30m PSK31 746 miles 19:55:14
      N2MLP 30m PSK31 757 miles 19:45:55
      K1JDP 30m PSK31 1003 miles 18:39:10
      AB3MG 30m JT65 672 miles 16:52:50
      W0EEA 30m JT65 774 miles 15:08:50
      N4SEC 30m PSK31 541 miles 15:06:35
      K4KTT 30m JT65 1871 miles 12:58:51
      K4KTT 30m PSK31 1871 miles 12:55:20
      VK3XQ 30m JT65 15337 kms 12:42:49
      KF2GQ 30m PSK31 1095 miles 11:20:16
      KD6FTR 30m JT65 1727 miles 05:19:51
      ZR1ADI 30m JT65 13849 kms 05:15:50
      IW5ELL 30m JT65 7796 kms 04:26:51
      K1CF 30m JT65 948 miles 02:02:52
      KJ4ZPD 30m PSK31 718 miles 01:22:42
      VE3OIJ 30m PSK31 1252 kms 01:22:17

      I use the old rain gutter as an antenna often on all bands 80-10m using 20w and all bands good reports...seems to work best on 30m so although not an antenna use what you have and get on the 30m band.

      Email to Robin 9H1ZZ (copy 9H1ZZ all the time here in EN50) ...his low wire and 25w to my rain gutter and 20w on 30 meters...worked well both ways on JT65

      Hi Don,
      Yes I copied you perfectly - a very strong signal, S/N -9dB. We don't have metal rain gutters here, otherwise I might be tempted to install one as an antenna!
      I have never seen so many JT65A US stations on 30 meters at one time as last night. You and W1LIC were the strongest.
      But I was being called from Arizona to Maine, so tried to keep the QSOs short and give them all a chance for a 9H while propagation was so good.

      Just for information, I usually run about 25 watts, and practically always (for the last 8 years) on 30 meters. My antenna is a simple wire dipole about 6 feet high, intended for NVIS.
      The wire runs east-west and due west of me is a massive stone church (basilica), so the US is in the null of the dipole pattern and well shielded by the church.
      But, being on an island with no other major landmass for 100km around, the situation is ideal for launching signals near vertically and relying on the sea to be a good reflector as the skywaves return earthwards.
      I'm convinced this is like a huge cassegrain system.... anyway I can work DX most places, although the Pacific and US west coast does present quite a challenge. For that I need long-path propagation, which is rare and usually at an awkward time of day (night!)
      But last night was really unusual, I worked Tasmania and immediately afterwards Canada, with about the same signal strength. I have no idea which way the signals went!

      If ever you work me /P, then I will be sitting on top of some cliffs with an FT817 & laptop using some fancy homebrewed low-angle antenna skimming the horizon.

      I also work phone on all bands (except 30m!) from our local club, 9H1MRL.


      Robin, 9H1ZZ

      To: robin_a_
      Subject: 9h1zz de kb9umt Don JT65 30m contact - TU
      Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 22:39:00 -0400
      From: dhobson123

      Hi Robin 9h1zz,

      Don here kb9umt from Peoria IL EN50...tu for 30m JT65 this contact was using 20w and my aluminum rain gutter on the house....yes just a random wire to the rain gutter 8ft high along roof line about 35ft of gutter...how is that? Band was good..on my 2 ele Yagi your signal was 599 plus big signal. Take care just thought I would let you know even on a very poor antenna and a few watts the JT65 mode came through 100%.
      de kb9umt Don 30MDG#0001
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