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Well, we hit the Front Page of ARRL.org....30m will be noticed

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  • Don
    FYI http://www.arrl.org/ ********** clip from message ******************* The October 30-meter POP is mentioned (thanks to Steve Ford s interest, btw.) and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2007
      ********** clip from message *******************

      The October 30-meter "POP" is mentioned (thanks to Steve Ford's
      interest, btw.)
      and the 30-meter Digital group gets great press. It's a "two for the
      price of
      one" partnership!

      Ev, W2EV

      Don...you're the "master of PR". Thanks for the inspiration and nudge
      to create
      an official "press release".


      Okay folks, I hope you are with me on this first 30m digital event
      and we can't get any better than front page on ARRL website. I think
      there will be lots of participation from I hope here and abroad! We
      can only hope that we could do this well with PR for the ZL/VK
      weekend also coming up Oct 20/21.

      I think 30 meters will be noticed and let's hope maybe some will play
      digi modes also on Sunday night and or through the week. Thursday
      the band was great and lots of participation but this Sunday it was
      flat poor both in participation and band condtions. Let's keep at
      this folks because I really think 30m is a great band and folks just
      plain skip from 20 to 40 for digital work when in reality they are
      missing out on a great band in between.

      Thanks everyone for participating here.

      de kb9umt Don
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