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Re: [30MDG] Re: JT65A DX

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  • signalhz
    Hi John, It was VK3JWC. I notice my reception log shows you in there also. I must have been away from the radio when it picked you up. darn it! I don t know
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 31, 2010
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      Hi John,

      It was VK3JWC. I notice my reception log shows you in there also. I must have been away from the radio when it picked you up. darn it! I don't know what band the radio was on when I missed  you, probably 20m.

      I've seen that Ha1 station a few times but wasn't able to make a full contact with him. He decoded me once and acknowledged that by reporting my call sign and then a 73. We weren't able to exchange signal reports so it don't go in the log.

      I guess I could look up in the programs log to see what band it was the radio heard you on.

      I hope to catch you on 30m one of these days.


      On 12/31/2010 3:48 PM, John M wrote:

      Hi all....and happy new year.

      Eddy, I am wondering who was that new VK station you noticed, as I was operating later in the night, was around 2am here, 2hrs into the New Year...made a few contacts on 30m, HA1,F8,G3,WT9
      I also had some noise that was slowly creeping across the waterfall.

      I did see on HamSpots that you had spotted me there...there was also a VK3 operating part of the time also.

      John (VK2FAK)

      --- In 30MDG@yahoogroups.com, signalhz <signalhz@...> wrote:
      > Hi Scott,
      > Good to hear from you also. Talking about activity higher then 15m
      > there was an opening on the 12th on 10m and 6m. On 10m I made contacts
      > on SSB on the 80m dipole from Chile,Argentina,Mexico,all over South
      > America,Central America,the Caribbean,Alaska,Hawaii and all over the US.
      > I was surprised to be able to work so many of those distant stations
      > with just 100watts and so easily. Then on 6m after the 10m opening I
      > talked with a guy in Kansas for at least an hour. I could see on my
      > spectrum scope there were many other stations I could have worked but
      > didn't. That guy in Kansas was fun to talk with. I haven't been jumping
      > around the different bands as much lately. I've been mostly doing the RB
      > and watching for some locations I need for WAS and some of the other
      > awards. I got one more recently on 30m although I haven't received the
      > reply from the award application/u30 yet. I need one more EU country to
      > complete that award and am getting close to a VK award.I saw a new VK
      > station on 30m this morning but I missed him. Each season has it's
      > openings to different locations so it will be interesting to see where
      > we start picking up stations from. I guess you saw my post to the group
      > here about the station in United Arab Emirates. I noticed there were
      > some east coast stations picking him up and Canada.
      > Happy New Year and have fun R A D I O
      > 73
      > N4ABN
      > Eddy

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