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RUSSIAN Help Requestet

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  • Eckersberger Peter
    Hi Everyone, My name is Pez, the call OE3EPW. I m one of the 30MDG award managers. Today I m looking for help by anyone being able to understand/speak*English*
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2010
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      Hi Everyone,
      My name is Pez, the call OE3EPW. I'm one of the
      30MDG award managers.
      Today I'm looking for help by anyone being able to
      understand/speak English AND Russian.
      The reason for my request is "RX4HJ", OM Uri, a
      Russian guy sending 5 different award applications
      for the PA-250 award. ALL of them are containing
      the same glitch.
      Here is the entry I'm talking about ...
      UA6-101-2072 20100117 1426 UA6-101-2072 10140 BPSK31
      As you may see it yourself this "UA6-101-2072" is
      not an amateur call but an SWL-identifier. According
      to our "30MDG General Award Rules" such SWL-IDs do NOT
      count for HAM awards.
      For that reason they have to be removed from the log
      before making an award application. It's all described
      in detail at <http://30mdg.net/award_rules.html>. Even
      in Russian language.
      I myself explained it 4 times in English direct to
      that guy and pointed out what he's to do for solving
      that problem. I also sent the link for our 30MDG Award
      Rules. But for one reason or an other this fellow HAM
      is unable to understand my English or he doesn't know
      about the proper handling of a computer.
      Well, what ever the reason might be ...
      I would dislike it very much to reclassify this HAM to
      the SWL or OTHER category as described in our rules.
      For that reason I kindly ask for help on that matter.
      Anybody being firm in English and Russian ...
      PLEASE send an email to that HAM explaining the
      situation and try to give him a hand. To keep me
      informed on the outcome please send this email also
      to ME as "CC". My address is <oe3epw@...>
      Finally ... Here now the applications header for the
      details of that guy. His email address rx4hj@...
      is included in that.
      *Detected by Application-Distribution-Center (U30.OE3JPK)*
      Hello Dear Award Manager,
      At the bottom you may find my application for the PA-250 BRONZE.
      73 and TIA de URI QIGOREV
      Application for     : PA-250 BRONZE Award
      Applicants CALLSIGN : RX4HJ
      Applicants NAME     : URI QIGOREV
      Applicants Member # : 2912
      Applicants eMail    : rx4hj@...
      Logging Program     : MIXW V 2
      Date of Creation    : 14.05.2010
      NAME to appear on Award : RX4HJ
      Created by Ultimate30MDG V written by OE3JPK
       73 es TIA de Pez, OE3EPW
          30MDG Award Manager
      AR  SK
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