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Re: [30MDG] Re: New ROS mode - 10mhz 30m

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    ROS is a Spread Spectrum mode and SS is not allowed below 222mHZ in the USA. See recent posts on QRZ.COM and ARRL web sites. nu4c
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 1, 2010
      ROS is a Spread Spectrum mode and SS is not allowed below 222mHZ in the USA. See recent posts on QRZ.COM and ARRL web sites.

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      Sent: Sun, February 28, 2010 10:20:10 PM
      Subject: [30MDG] Re: New ROS mode - 10mhz 30m


      de kb9umt Don 30mdg#0001


      Re: [ROSDIGITALMODEMGRO UP] ROS - 10mhz 30m

      Thanks for your observations.

      I have deleted 10141 of the list.

      About ROS option <500 Hz it could be possible, but i think people would use always ROS 500 Hz thinking it is better than ROS 2250 Hz and that is not true. It is not easy explain in a few words, but, basically Digital Communications Systems are divided in two bigs groups:

      Wideband efficient systems (PSK modulation)

      Power efficient systems (FSK Modulation)

      The propose of ROS is minimize power requirements for a Character Rate determinate, in this case 300 characters/minute. So, if you want transmit to 300 characters/minute with the minimum of power you should use ROS 16. Otherwise, if you want transmit to something less than 300 characters/minute with the minimum WideBand you should use PSK31. However, you will need more power.

      jose alberto nieto ros


      --- In 30MDG@yahoogroups. com, dhobson123@. .. wrote:
      > Fred DL6XAZ and all,
      > GM, I have noticed a few comments from Fred and also a couple other emails from 30MDG members regarding the new ROS mode. I have waited to respond to read up on some of the reflectors and emails about ROS. Looks like a very interesting mode and something new for the digital Ham community to experiment with.
      > For those interested in more information and to download the ROS digital mode software/program please go here (as always if used please thank Jose the creator for all the time spend on such digital software for all Amateur community to use):
      > http://rosmodem. wordpress. com/
      > » 10.141 (USA)
      > » 10.144 (USA)
      > » 10.147 (USA)
      > There are some concerns on the listing of 10.141 and also if there might be a ROS <500hz option in the future so below are 2 links that are ROS reflectors/forums and my reponse as such.....go here (this is a wider mode >2000hz, see attached):
      > http://rosmodem. wordpress. com/2010/ 01/30/ros/ #comments
      > http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/ROSDIGITAL MODEMGROUP/
      > With band conditions becoming more active I think more than ever we need to be considerate digital operators on the band (we only have so much space to play). The 30m band is even more unique for us being secondary users but with all the digital mode activity and in coming few years it will be different this cycle for digital ops using all the new digial modes plus so many added digital operators (coming cycle peak 2012-2013? last peak around 2000-2001 with less digital operators on the bands and not as many digital modes to choose from...this should prove very interesting this cycle for digital operators). We for sure need to be on our best operating behavior with respect to all modes/ops/bands while all knowing we 'share' the bands and this great hobby.
      > Thanks
      > Don kb9umt 30MDG#0001
      > ************ * 30m ROS comment sent to reflector below ************ **
      > Jose,
      > First CONGRATS and very nice to see a new weak signal digital mode for the digital Ham community, great work! There is a lot of interest so this is good and the new ROS mode will prove to be a great addition for digital operators…thank you for your hard work!
      > As far as the ROS HF frequency list for consideration is the listing of 10mhz (30 Meter) band frequencies
      > 10.141 (USA), 10.144 (USA), 10.147 (USA)
      > Please note that 10.141 or 10.140 â€" 10.142 is an area for most PSK and very busy in Region1 and Region2… listing of 10.144 and 10.147 good areas for 10mhz 30m ( ROS on 10.141 10mhz 30m would be like listing 14.070 for 14mhz 20m). Consider only if you will be so kind but just an observation when looking at the ROS HF frequency list.
      > One more question Jose, for 10mhz or 30 meter digital ops from Region2 USA there is no limitations on digital bandwidth but there are limitations in Region1 which is <500hz for 10mhz 30m (other Countries have limitations also, up to all operators to check their own Countries regulations) . Will there be a narrower bandwidth ROS option of <500hz in the future so to be used by all in all Regions for 10mhz 30 meter band?
      > Very interesting the stations and activity copied in ROS and also you’re posting of the EME ROS contact…great things for ROS. Thank you again for all your work, time and working with the Amateur community to use this new digital mode!
      > Best Health and DX 73
      > Don kb9umt
      > http://www.30mdg. net

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