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RE: [30MDG] File - Any Reports on 30 mtr contacts?

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  • Don Leitch
    Yes at long last those big fat sunspots gave me some help , its all dead and gone now and had a 2 continuous tones on 10.140 for two days here over the
    Message 1 of 909 , Nov 1, 2009
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      Yes at long last those big fat sunspots gave me some help , its all dead and gone now and had a 2 continuous tones  on  10.140 for two days here over the weekend.

       From the 23rd here in ZL I worked  HA1, EA8,PY2,EA5,EN6,EB5,4S7,OZ1,HB9,SP5,9A8,F5,and a few others , I seem to be hearing a lot of Russians but rather weak at the moment.

      May cycle 24 will now get going  for all of us.


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      Any group memeber have any 30 meter PSK or other digital mode contacts to report? Thanks

      Or report 30m digital spots here:


      (thanks Laurie VK3AMA)

      de kb9umt Don 30MDG#0001
      EN50dp - Moderator

    • graham787
      Good path , EU JA these last nights 1000 Km in last 24 Hours + ROS data mode , EA5HVK running 3 watts to short Ae , ROS-4 , 100% copy
      Message 909 of 909 , Mar 29 6:38 AM
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        Good  path , EU <>JA  these  last  nights 

        1000  Km  in last 24  Hours  +   ROS  data  mode , 

        EA5HVK  running   3  watts  to  short Ae ,  ROS-4 , 100%   copy  over  30 min  qso  at  1000  mile range 


        JI4POREA4BMF30mROS10706 km19:56:10
        JI4POREA1YQ30mROS10438 km19:40:49
        JI4POREA5SB30mROS10355 km19:22:24
        EA5SBJI4POR30mROS10355 km19:21:52
        EA3OGJI4POR30mROS10095 km19:27:53
        F4VPKJI4POR30mROS9886 km19:35:37
        JI4PORF4VPK30mROS9886 km19:45:33
        JI4POROE6MFG30mROS8964 km19:43:39
        JI4PORR7RIB30mROS7993 km19:56:10
        R7RIBJI4POR30mROS7993 km20:05:06
        R7RIBEA4BMF30mROS3310 km19:57:28
        R7RIBEA1HMT30mROS3262 km19:50:59
        R7RIBGM4ZMK30mROS2923 km19:49:58
        R7RIBF4VPK30mROS2548 km19:49:56
        G0NBDEA5HVK30mROS1758 km16:39:00
        EA1YQOE6MFG30mROS1693 km19:44:47
        OE6MFGEA5HJY30mROS1592 km18:36:42
        EA1YQGM4ZMK30mROS1550 km19:44:50
        R7RIBOE6MFG30mROS1508 km19:49:53
        US5LOCSV2CXW30mROS1469 km07:20:30
        SV2CXWUS5LOC30mROS1469 km07:11:29
        EA5SBOE6MFG30mROS1426 km19:25:01
        EA1HMTGM4ZMK30mROS1383 km19:52:00
        US5LOCHA5DOS30mROS1283 km07:05:47
        HA5DOSUS5LOC30mROS1283 km07:06:20
        EA3OGOE6MFG30mROS1159 km19:26:48
        HA5DOS14IAA7730mROS1120 km07:07:36

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