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Re: QSO Times set to 00:00:00

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  • Don
    Hello Enzo IK8OZV, I wish I could help you but I would have no idea what the problem would be but I don t think it s the U30 program as it works good here for
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 28, 2009
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      Hello Enzo IK8OZV,

      I wish I could help you but I would have no idea what the problem would be but I don't think it's the U30 program as it works good here for me and others so I don't understand why it would not be working for you...must be something on the computer or the log has errors...not sure.

      I know of no others that have had issues with U30 Award Software and all the Award Managers are receiving Awards daily so it must be working for others.

      Since we are not close to you to help maybe you could contact one of the 30MDG Members close to you in your Country of Italy that is using U30 with success and they might be of help.

      Try to contact or email one of these 30MDG Italy Members that is currently participating in the 30MDG Awards and using U30 successfully (note those towards the top have more Awards and are more active on using U30):





























      As far as the message back stating the Award can't be issued that is true because as all Award Managers has been reminded we can not issue an Award without log times (UTC) so if to very any of the contacts (also remember we require no QSL confirmation but we do reserve the right to verify logs or contacts and do so...most 99% of the time all is good but we will deny if we can't verify or if we feel someone is not using correct information...all the 30MDG Awards are for fun on the Band and personal gratification for your station so we try to keep things as such if possible).

      I hope you can get this resolved and I don't understand why it isn't working for you yet working for others...very sorry for that but not sure why or how to help in this.

      Don kb9umt 30MDG#0001

      --- In 30MDG@yahoogroups.com, "Vincenzo Mone" <vimone@...> wrote:
      > Hi to the list,
      > I have downloaded the latest version of the Ultimate 30MDG software and
      > installed it.
      > Every time I load it,
      > I can see the Bar Loading the Log but I get an error which says:
      > Ung├╝ltige Zeigeroperation
      > The bar still continue loading and never stops.
      > If I try to close the program with the "X", I get this other error:
      > E/A-Fehler 103.
      > How to resolve it?
      > I have also noticed another big problem:
      > I have sent to the manager a request for the 30MDG-ITUZ-15 Award.
      > He did not send me the award but sent me an email saying:
      > "Hi Enzo,
      > Look at the copy of your application further down. You might see yourself
      > that ALL UTC times are set to "0000". This is more than unlikely.
      > Please CORRECT the UTC entries in your LOGGING PROGRAM, make a new ADIF
      > file, import that into your "U30" and reapply for the Award."
      > I have checked my Logging program (MIXW) and can see that the times are
      > correct.
      > I went into the program and can see that all the qso' in the various awards
      > are actual Set to 00:00:00.Also the awards that I have already received.
      > I have also tried to re format my pc and installed just the Ultimate30MDG
      > program.
      > Imported the file and see all the same all times are always set as 00:00:00.
      > Has anybody noticed it?
      > How to solve it?
      > 73 de Enzo IK8OZV
      > EasyLog 5 BetaTester
      > EasyLog PDA BetaTester
      > WinBollet BetaTester
      > D.C.I. CheckPoint Regione Campania
      > Skype: ik8ozv8520
      > ***************************************
      > ***** GSM +39 338 9749786 *****
      > ***** SMS +39 338 9749786 *****
      > ***** FAX +39 328 7244294 *****
      > *** 2nd e-mail: vimone@... ***
      > ***************************************
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