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Re: Modes?

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  • Don
    Hi Fred DL6XAZ and all, Good points Fred and I will try to address them best I can keeping in mind what I say is what we are geared for and that is 30 Meter
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 25, 2009
      Hi Fred DL6XAZ and all,

      Good points Fred and I will try to address them best I can keeping in mind what I say is what we are geared for and that is 30 Meter Activity and for 30MDG Awards/Certificates.

      Below within your text my comments will start with ****

      --- In 30MDG@yahoogroups.com, "dl6xaz" <dl6xaz@...> wrote:
      > Hi friends,
      > when I applied for the Modes-20 award, I submitted it with unique >modes denominators, i.e. Thor, Throb, Rttym etc., not mentioning >different speeds. When I add the speeds, my score would be 35.

      **** This is very good Fred and that is what we are promoting..to experiment on 30 meters in different modes and or speeds but to experiment..the 30MDG Awards/Certificates is to acknowledge self accomplishment on the 30 Meter band and thank you for participating on the 30 Meter Band with us.

      > Another problem is that there does not exist an internationally >accepted standard for logging specified modes-speeds, this the more >as e.g. eQSL does not accept them. It doesn't accept "THOR" at >all...

      **** I upload from time to time to eQSL but don't use eQSL..direct or buearu for me. Since we are not eQSL our 30MDG Awards/Certificates are programmed for 30MDG and of course we manually verify the applications via our Award Managers...if the mode is incorrect we let the applicant know to correct this and resubmit

      > Furthermore, it seems that many logging programs accept 8-character >denominators only, reason why Contestia is clipped. Now imagine some >clever programmer coming forward with mode names >like "grandmasbirthday" or similar. What then?

      **** Good question and again one we have talked about because the digital modes are ever changing and that is always good to see new things. We are not sure how to address this or if we can but again we have talked about it. As far as the name of the mode again we review manually the applications.

      > Also ADIF converters and loggers have their inbuilt limitations, >and if I were to apply for let's say Modes-30 award, I would have to >alter the respective log entries manually. But according to which >standard acceptable to Ultimate30?

      **** As of now you can write in any mode or make one up, but we as Award Managers will review and most likely catch to make sure the mode is correct. We have yet to set a 'standard' for U30 that I'm aware of unless John has done such and I'm unaware but for now we are all in this for fun and again self accomplishments with adding activity to the 30 Meter Band. Anytime there are issues with an application our Award Managers are available to email and discuss.

      > Frankly, I do not see a great advantage in permitting different >speeds being counted for the 30m-Modes award because in my opinion >it is indifferent whether I do it at 125/4 or 2000/64: what matters >is that I made the QSO in that specific mode.

      **** Fred my idea of having a Multi-Mode Award/Certificate was to challenge others to not just use the most popular digital modes i.e. bpsk31 or RTTY etc but to explore and experiment with ALL digital modes under different band conditions and the like but to mainly experiment! I many times have had marginal copy 40% on Bpsk31 and something as simple as switching to Qpsk31 produce 80% copy and can finish the QSO..same with maybe Bpsk31 with no possiblities to copy much of anything but only see a trace by switching to MFSK or OLIVIA and depending on band activity remembering to be kind to the space we all are allowed to use thus remembering band width of each sub mode or speed. I hope this is giving you the impression that the Multi-Mode 30MDG Award/Certificate is not only the QSO but the experimenting of the Modes available...that was our intent to offer these Multi-Mode Awards/Certificates.

      > I think the programming and standardization difficulties exceed the >advantage gained from specifying speeds.

      **** I think you might be right but again it was something I wanted others to know we have discussed. We have a very dedicated group of ops that really do try to make things possible...and I appreciate everyone that participates on the 30 Meter Band and in 30MDG.

      > Thanks for your attention.
      > vy73 Fred DL6XAZ #988

      **** Thank you Fred for your questions, your help, your participation, and for even the direct emails you have given me personally...very much appreciated!

      Don kb9umt 30MDG#0001

      > --- In 30MDG@yahoogroups.com, "Don" <dhobson123@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Dick W3LD,
      > >
      > > Actually that is a topic for discussion among the 30mdg Award Managers and John OE3JPK the U30 creator. John has been busy on other tasks for U30 at the moment (other award series, window7, etc) but I'm sure we will get back on that. Our thoughts were to have a known list of accepted digital modes for the Awards but not sure when, how or if this will be implemented (always a work in progress as Rob ZL3RG says..and he is right).
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