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N2H Special Event Log for 30m

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  • kc2qfr
    I am happy to have made the following contacts on 30m running our N2H Special Event Station Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of Henry Hudson s Discovery Sail
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2009
      I am happy to have made the following contacts on 30m running our N2H Special Event Station Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of Henry Hudson's Discovery Sail up/dn the Hudson River for the Netherlands. He was an English Explorer sailing for the Netherlands. Note 20m & 80m excluded in this posting. I ran about 11 hours total on 30m, 20m + a little 80m. 30m was the most productive for me with Elecraft k3 to home brew 100ft doublet and home brew 23ft hatted vertical running 40w.

      QSL info on http://www.N2H.us

      If anyone has qsl problems for some reason let me know via email:
      KC2QFR @ arrl.net and I will contact our events WSL Manager.

      I would also appreciate qsl's via lotw and eqsl as well to my call KC2QFR.

      Please note:
      G8SQH G 27-Sep-09 22:27 30M PSK31 QRP 1 Watt (It can be done)

      Call DXCC Starting UTC Band Mode
      DD6UVO DL 4-Oct-09 21:53 30M PSK31
      DG0ONK DL 27-Sep-09 22:10 30M PSK31
      DG3YHD DL 4-Oct-09 21:06 30M PSK31
      DK0PRE DL 27-Sep-09 20:46 30M PSK31
      DK9BF DL 27-Sep-09 20:58 30M PSK31
      EB5DZC EA 4-Oct-09 22:40 30M PSK31
      2E0DXO G 4-Oct-09 21:00 30M PSK31
      G4TZX G 4-Oct-09 22:12 30M PSK31
      G8SQH G 27-Sep-09 22:27 30M PSK31
      M0IOW G 4-Oct-09 22:52 30M PSK31
      M3FDZ G 27-Sep-09 21:49 30M PSK31
      MW0GMH GW 3-Oct-09 19:03 30M PSK31
      MW6DUL GW 3-Oct-09 20:34 30M PSK31
      I4EUM I 27-Sep-09 22:14 30M PSK31
      IK0GDG I 26-Sep-09 22:07 30M PSK31
      IK5BCM I 26-Sep-09 22:24 30M PSK31
      IT9ZIR I 4-Oct-09 23:23 30M PSK31
      IZ0KBA I 3-Oct-09 20:06 30M PSK63
      IM0QMA IS0 27-Sep-09 21:27 30M PSK63
      AB9TA K 4-Oct-09 21:11 30M PSK31
      AG4QX K 3-Oct-09 19:55 30M PSK63
      AG4TO K 4-Oct-09 21:48 30M PSK31
      K9AAN K 3-Oct-09 19:46 30M PSK31
      K9ZXO K 3-Oct-09 19:11 30M PSK31
      KB9BNY K 3-Oct-09 19:37 30M PSK31
      KB9UMT K 27-Sep-09 21:58 30M PSK31
      KG4RUE K 26-Sep-09 21:53 30M PSK31
      N0LTM K 26-Sep-09 23:20 30M PSK31
      N2LZ K 26-Sep-09 22:35 30M PSK31
      N4SEC K 27-Sep-09 22:04 30M PSK31
      NA0F K 3-Oct-09 19:27 30M PSK31
      W4ALE K 27-Sep-09 23:01 30M PSK31
      W4ETS K 27-Sep-09 23:10 30M PSK31
      W4LSC K 27-Sep-09 22:19 30M PSK31
      W5IHN K 27-Sep-09 21:11 30M PSK63
      W9NWR K 27-Sep-09 22:32 30M PSK31
      W9TTY K 4-Oct-09 21:18 30M PSK31
      WD8KRV K 26-Sep-09 22:41 30M PSK31
      WR5RR K 27-Sep-09 21:22 30M PSK63
      OK1UYR OL 4-Oct-09 22:45 30M PSK31
      OM5TX OM 3-Oct-09 19:32 30M PSK31
      ON5PO ON 27-Sep-09 20:52 30M PSK31
      ON5PO ON 27-Sep-09 21:15 30M PSK63
      OZ1BV OZ 4-Oct-09 22:03 30M PSK31
      OZ1HPS OZ 26-Sep-09 22:12 30M PSK31
      OZ2OSR OZ 26-Sep-09 21:32 30M PSK31
      PA1DSZ PA 3-Oct-09 20:03 30M PSK63
      PA3DTR PA 26-Sep-09 21:47 30M PSK31
      PA3GWH PA 4-Oct-09 22:19 30M PSK31
      PE1PIN PA 4-Oct-09 22:33 30M PSK31
      PE2WJB PA 3-Oct-09 20:09 30M PSK63
      SP3CUG SP 3-Oct-09 20:20 30M PSK31
      SP6DNZ SP 3-Oct-09 19:18 30M PSK31
      SP6DNZ SP 3-Oct-09 20:27 30M PSK31
      SP9CV SP 27-Sep-09 21:18 30M PSK63
      SQ9BEJ SP 4-Oct-09 21:43 30M PSK31
      UR5FA/MM UR 27-Sep-09 21:35 30M PSK31
      VA6JB VE 26-Sep-09 23:33 30M PSK31
      YV7MAE YV 27-Sep-09 22:50 30M PSK31

      73 de Fred KC2QFR
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