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30M activity past few days

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  • Mark Crosbie - N8MNI
    Date Start Station Band Mode 14-Jun-2009 02:03 PA3DTR 30m PSK31 14-Jun-2009 01:43 RN6BY 30m PSK31 14-Jun-2009 01:26 N2BEF 30m
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2009
      Date        Start Station     Band Mode
      14-Jun-2009 02:03 PA3DTR       30m PSK31
      14-Jun-2009 01:43 RN6BY        30m PSK31
      14-Jun-2009 01:26 N2BEF        30m PSK31
      14-Jun-2009 01:10 KD0AGX       30m PSK31
      14-Jun-2009 01:04 M0TVT        30m PSK31
      14-Jun-2009 00:59 HB9TGO       30m PSK31
      14-Jun-2009 00:53 M3XGV        30m PSK31
      14-Jun-2009 00:44 SQ2BNM       30m PSK31
      14-Jun-2009 00:37 LX0SAR       30m PSK31
      14-Jun-2009 00:28 DG3SBJ       30m PSK31
      14-Jun-2009 00:13 WA4STO       30m PSK31
      14-Jun-2009 00:03 LA8PDA       30m PSK31
      13-Jun-2009 23:53 EB5DZC       30m PSK31
      13-Jun-2009 21:47 WB0VGD       30m PSK31
      13-Jun-2009 13:26 KC0ZZH       30m PSK31
      13-Jun-2009 13:18 K9OSC        30m PSK31
      13-Jun-2009 02:54 SP3SLO       30m PSK31
      13-Jun-2009 01:59 DJ4WM        30m PSK31
      13-Jun-2009 01:47 DM1MB        30m PSK31
      13-Jun-2009 01:41 WB2KSK       30m PSK31
      13-Jun-2009 01:32 KG3BOZ       30m PSK31
      13-Jun-2009 01:12 KB5TVA       30m PSK31
      13-Jun-2009 01:00 DJ1BW/D      30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 04:50 AB0YM        30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 04:43 I3MIQ        30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 04:37 OK2PKY       30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 04:34 W6DAW        30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 04:31 K6EPC        30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 04:21 HB9RJG       30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 04:16 IW6ASD       30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 04:10 N3CHX        30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 04:03 DL1BEX       30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 03:59 2E0ZEH       30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 03:53 UT2MA        30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 03:48 F1FZH        30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 03:42 OM7OM        30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 03:31 YO6DBL       30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 03:27 UR8MH        30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 03:22 OH8GDU       30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 03:17 SV1ENV       30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 03:11 UT1EW        30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 02:44 N5XTR        30m PSK31
      12-Jun-2009 02:35 VA6JB        30m PSK31
      11-Jun-2009 23:10 VE3OIJ       30m PSK31
      11-Jun-2009 22:50 G4DZE        30m PSK31
      11-Jun-2009 22:44 YV4BCD       30m PSK31
      11-Jun-2009 22:36 IZ8JJM       30m PSK31
      11-Jun-2009 22:28 FG5LA        30m PSK31
      11-Jun-2009 22:09 W5EGO        30m PSK31
      11-Jun-2009 21:26 K3ML         30m PSK31
      11-Jun-2009 21:08 WA1BXY       30m PSK31
      11-Jun-2009 02:46 KI7PY        30m PSK31
      11-Jun-2009 02:38 K5PAX        30m PSK31
      11-Jun-2009 01:41 DM1YP        30m PSK31
      11-Jun-2009 01:20 AE5PW        30m PSK31
      11-Jun-2009 01:03 WB5RRR       30m PSK31
      11-Jun-2009 00:40 AG2F         30m PSK31
      11-Jun-2009 00:22 OZ1HVL       30m PSK31
      11-Jun-2009 00:15 AE4O         30m PSK31
      10-Jun-2009 19:58 KI5WK        30m PSK31
      10-Jun-2009 19:47 KE5RAD       30m PSK31
      10-Jun-2009 19:35 W3BI         30m PSK31
      10-Jun-2009 03:18 KH7S         30m PSK31
      10-Jun-2009 03:14 SP5ICQ/7     30m PSK31
      10-Jun-2009 03:07 K6CKB        30m PSK31
      10-Jun-2009 02:57 DK8TA        30m PSK31
      10-Jun-2009 02:46 EB1BSV       30m PSK31
      10-Jun-2009 02:38 SP9JA        30m PSK31
      10-Jun-2009 02:15 N2LZ         30m PSK31
      10-Jun-2009 01:59 HA5DSC       30m PSK31
      10-Jun-2009 01:46 DG1BVK       30m PSK31

      de N8MNI
      Mark Crosbie
      London, Ohio
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