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Re: [30meterPSKGroup] Re: Anyone want to THROB? (Answering CQ's is hard when the mode isn't known)

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  • Joe Brown
    Stu there s no easy way. You have to experiment and eventually you ll come to recognize the modes. Once you do you ll remember it. 73 - Joe W2JLB
    Message 1 of 16 , Apr 6, 2009
      Stu there's no easy way. You have to experiment
      and eventually you'll come to recognize the modes.
      Once you do you'll remember it.

      73 - Joe W2JLB

      Stu Bryant wrote:

      The problem I keep having in attempting to explore other digital modes is someone will CQ a few times then move on before I can even figure out which mode much less which settings! I can spot Olivia because of its "preamble", but I understand Thor uses something similar... and all the other MSFK variants (etc.) take practice to identify- something not readily available when one rarely sees them. I guess the thing to do must be arrange a sked with someone with a given mode then after many months of doing this one might be able to recognize a mode quickly enough to actually answer a CQ? The bandplans should be a help but they seem to keep changing plus many seem to not follow them. I keep trying, but I could hardly count the number of times I see a station go away just as I figure I must finally be getting close to start copying. So the bottom line might be if you want someone to answer your CQ is be patient & call a few more times anyway- might just be someone is trying to figure out how to answer you!

      73 de Stu AF6IT

      --- In 30meterPSKGroup@ yahoogroups. com, "Fred" <dl6xaz@...> wrote:

      CQing can be quite frustrating, as experience has shown, <snip>
      > vy73 es gd luck
      > Fred DL6XAZ 30MDG #988

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