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Re: What I am planning for the HamSpots site

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  • Don
    Laurie VK3AMA, Sounds GREAT! Again thanks for taking this and thanks to Sholto for all his hard work and dedication to the Spot page both in time and money (I
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2009
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      Laurie VK3AMA,

      Sounds GREAT!

      Again thanks for taking this and thanks to Sholto for all his hard
      work and dedication to the Spot page both in time and money (I know
      you spent a lot of time and money over the last year on this and we
      can't thank you enough).

      Laurie what you have all sounds good so if you need anything from us
      please email me kb9umtAT30meterdigital.org or Rob
      ZL3RGAT30meterdigital.org and we will try to help best we can if
      needed. I think what you have suggested will work very well so let us
      know when changes are made if you would like us to 'test' it or like
      our opinions.

      Don kb9umt 30MDG#0001

      --- In 30meterPSKGroup@yahoogroups.com, "Laurie, VK3AMA" <groups4@...>
      > Hello to all.
      > I thought I would post some info on what I am doing/planning for the
      > HamSpots site. In no specific order, just some random comments as I
      > this email. This email is being sent to the two major Yahoo group users
      > of the site (30mPSKGroup, feldhellclub)
      > * Setup a simple info page where these thoughts and site status
      > could be posted to keep interested parties in the loop plus a rss
      > feed for this info.
      > * For a bit of fun ... a new logo/mascot for the site. A Spotted
      > Think about it, Ham Spots <--> Spotted Pig.
      > * I don't want this site to become another HamRadio portal (there
      > are already enough of them) .
      > * Also, this site will NOT be a DXSummit style spotting facility for
      > spotting everything and anything. It is NOT connected to the
      > Cluster network. It will remain true to it's roots. A site for
      > spotting by individuals of similar interests (Hell, 30M, etc) to
      > help make contacts in their preferred mode. A place to tell people
      > you are trying a new or exotic mode and want to make contacts.
      > Self-spotting is OK and encouraged (but spotting every couple of
      > minutes that you are CQing is not). A place to tell people where
      > you are calling CQ and in what mode. A place to spot something
      > rare/interesting without (hopefully) it being spotted on the
      > Cluster and the resulting pileups. I think you all get the
      > * Code changes to reduce bandwidth usage on page refreshes.
      > * Increased use of css on pages.
      > * New colour theme for the site.
      > * Access to historical reports, last day, week activity, etc.
      > Especially for the 30M people who have several world-wide
      > auto-spotters posting data to the database.
      > * Improved rss content.
      > * Code that will detect when a user has left a browser window open,
      > refreshing data for an extended period (say 2 hours continuous). I
      > expect the browser window to change to non-refresh with the
      > spot-data hidden with a button to re-initiate auto-refresh and
      > make data visible again. This is to prevent browser windows being
      > left open refreshing data as the user is off
      > working/sleeping/walking the dog ;-), etc. The user when returning
      > to their screen would have to click a button and the page will be
      > back to normal and current spot/data displayed. I expect this will
      > use the users IP address, No cookies.
      > * qrz.com lookup links on every callsign and googlemap links on grid
      > squares displayed have been removed. They were contributing a lot
      > of html data traffic (not traffic to those sites, but the link
      > code in the rendered html presented to the users browser window).
      > These will be reintroduced at a later time.
      > I anyone has any thoughts, comments, suggestions, please feel free to
      > make a post on the group or email me directly using the email address
      > listed on the website www.HamSpots.net
      > de Laurie, VK3AMA
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