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Re: Calling K4RKM PSK PropNet Beacon station

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  • Don
    K4RKM Bob, THANKS!! Good information and thanks for posting it here. I ran when it was BeaconNet with Ev and had a few beacons here on different bands (10 & 6
    Message 1 of 2 , May 19, 2007
      K4RKM Bob,

      THANKS!! Good information and thanks for posting it here. I ran when
      it was BeaconNet with Ev and had a few beacons here on different
      bands (10 & 6 and even 2 for a time) and it was lots of fun and good

      I have to say looking at the PropNet maps and the 30 meter PropNet
      PSK stations that are cummunicating and what times on 30 meters and
      WOW, why are we not using 30 meter more and for sure PSK signals like
      on 20 and 40 meters, I know there are some factors:

      - Some say many don't have the WARC bands in their rigs
      - Some say that they don't have a 30 meter antenna
      - Some indicate they are not setup for digital modes

      I have to say, WHAT? These are Hams that I would just about bet most
      DO have WARC bands or a rig that covers them (sure some might not if
      using older rigs and have just that rig, most Hams have several rigs,
      several backups and several 'well I love that one' or 'got a deal on
      that rig' etc). I have so far contacted a few PSK folks on 30 meters
      and some with antennas not intended for 30 yet did rather well here,
      so again a Ham will make it work if they really want to work that
      band, mode, station, etc..or a simple dipole or vertical is not all
      that hard to erect. As far as not setup for digital modes, I can't
      see why they wouldn't want to give it a try, most every Ham has a
      computer in the shack and simple to hook up to the soundcard, then
      again to each his own and I don't use some other the other modes so I
      guess that might be a good point.

      Bottom line to me that 30 meters is a good band and most if they
      really wanted to or seen PSK action on it like they do on 20 and 40
      will use 30 meters and thus the acitivity I think would pickup, I
      don't understand why we overlook the 30 meter band, I was also guilty
      as charged.....so here we go, please look for my signal also if you
      are in the shack.

      Keep up the good work Bob K4RKM because it really does help and I see
      your beacon most all the time here in EN50dp..you are playing in

      de kb9umt Don
      EN50dp - moderator

      --- In 30meterPSKGroup@yahoogroups.com, "R. Margeson/Alltel"
      <K4RKM@...> wrote:
      > 1d. Re: My 30 meter PSK report for night of 5/16/07, it was a good
      > Posted by: "Don" dhobson123@... kb9umt
      > Date: Thu May 17, 2007 5:19 pm ((PDT))
      > Calling K4RKM PSK PropNet Beacon station in the group, Welcome!
      > Robert K4RKM I believe I noticed you join this 30 meter PSK group,
      > are you here and reading the posts? If so, I'm wondering if you
      > give me information on your PropNet PSK Beacon station... i.e. your
      > antenna, power, rig, etc (I already received your location EM85VF
      > many times). I noticed your PropNet PSK Beacon station signal here
      > many times on the nights I was monitoring for the last few weeks,
      > are playing in Peoria! Nice signal here and the band is open
      > I see your trail but as far as PSK activity nobody's home! I hope
      > that changes and we get more PSK activity on 30 meters. If you
      > time please give us some information about your station, how long
      > have you been doing PropNet PSK Beacon on 30 meters, maybe other 30
      > meter PropNet Beacon station, your log or 30 meter activity with
      > other stations. Thanks again for joining in.
      > de kb9umt Don
      > EN50DP - Playing in Peoria - moderator
      > > > K4RKM -- EM85VF -- PropNet Beacon signal copy in and out for
      > > > minutes, good copy into EN50dp here in Peoria, IL
      > > >
      > >
      > Sure, Don. Gladly.
      > K4RKM is located at [EM85vf] near Tryon, Polk Co., in western NC,
      just 3
      > miles from I-26 and the SC/NC state line.
      > Rig on 30m is Kenwood TS-570D(G) with Ten-Tec #3402 (200' 1.8 to
      > "Broad Band Terminated Vee Beam" wire antenna. Been PropNet
      > on 30m for about 3 months now. Actually, I run 3 PSK31 PropNet
      > 24/7:
      > Band Dial Freq (USB) Designator
      > 30m 10.139.5 "HG"
      > 10m 28.131.0 "HY"
      > 6m 50.291.0 "VB"
      > PropNetPSK software is by N7YG at
      www.N7YG.net/PropNetPSK/index.html .
      > The PropNet home page is: www.PropNet.org . For maps showing
      what is
      > going on, click on "30m", "NA" (or "NAwx") under "Last Hour", "Last
      > Hours" or "Last 24 Hours". My favorite map is:
      > PropNet.FindU.com/Catch.cgi?
      > (Adjust the "zoom" number to suit your display size.)
      > My PropNetPSK program is configured to display 6 channels of 100Hz
      > (Centered on 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800Hz). And I transmit
      > (10.139.5 dial) + 1500Hz audio offset for a signal freq of
      > My waterfall spans 1250 to 1850Hz.
      > For frequencies, click on "PropNET 'Anchor' Frequencies Grid". We
      > to spread-out somewhat over an offset of 1300 to 1600Hertz. With
      > US beacons grouped around 1500Hz. Note: We use a program feature
      > "DCD - Data Carrier Detect" which is designed to inhibit beacon
      > transmission anytime another station breaks our "Squelch
      > Think of it as a reverse-squelch on the transmitter. This is in an
      > effort to be good neighbors and not interfere with other users - be
      > other PSK beacons or not.... .
      > Some other 30m PropNet stations I've connected with:
      > NI5F [EM42uf] KD5LWU [DM57ri] W6CGH [DM13br]
      > W2AAA [FN03xd] WD4ELG [FM06la] K1UY [FN43pb]
      > My PropNet beacon text looks like:
      > For Info www.PropNet.org - 1st line - Preamble - Used to
      > identify PropNet and provide characters for PSK31 to "Sync-up".
      > k4rkm>hg:[EM85vf]PHG403086/^2642 - 2nd line - The
      > k4rkm - Obvious
      > hg - Freq band (30m)
      > EM85vf - My Maidenhead Grid Square
      > PHG - Introduction to Power, (antenna) Height and Gain info
      > 1st digit - Sq.root of Power in watts (4 = 16-24 watts)
      > 2nd digit - Ant. height above average terrain (0 = 10 feet)
      > /should/ be a Negative # in my case!)
      > 3rd digit - Ant. height above sea level (6 = 640 to 1279
      > 4th digit - Ant. direction (0 = Omni)
      > 5th digit - Xmit interval / hr. (8 = every 7-1/2 minutes)
      > 6th digit - Ant. gain (6 = 6 dB)
      > The last 4 character hex number is the CRC error checksum on the
      > beacon message. An exact CRC match by the receiving station would
      > confirm a full beacon "Catch". If only certain fragments are
      > (such as callsign) then it would be called a "Partial Catch".
      Close to
      > being an official catch; still good for information.
      > There are over 400 hams now registered with PropNet. More are
      > welcome. This can be a fascinating aspect of a fascinating hobby!
      > Start by going to: www.PropNet.org -- Now.
      > 73,
      > Bob K4RKM
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