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RE: [30meterPSKGroup] Re: Re : NUE-PSK decoder

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  • David Pykett
    Hi Try the link below which is on the arrl website. http://www.arrl.org/qex/2008/03/Heron.pdf 73 Dave, G0IIQ _____ From: 30meterPSKGroup@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 21, 2008
      Try the link below which is on the arrl website.
      Dave, G0IIQ

      From: 30meterPSKGroup@yahoogroups.com [mailto:30meterPSKGroup@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of ve3wmb
      Sent: 21 April 2008 17:23
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      Subject: [30meterPSKGroup] Re: Re : NUE-PSK decoder

      Mel :

      I will try to snap a few pictures of the NUE-PSK in operation and post
      them to the group. It is available as a pre-assembed unit but they do
      intend to offer it in kit form (they are doing a beta-trial on the kit
      version right now).

      I also looked at the Asus Eee and they are really cute little
      machines. It is worth noting that it should be possible to load one of
      decent Linux-based Digi-programs on it. There a some good ones that
      do multi-mode that would probably run very nicely on one of these
      machines and the performance is probably better under Linux than Windows .

      The problem of screen visibility with operating portable using a
      laptop is not a new one. Most computer displays are simply not
      readible in sunlight. The solution I came up with a few years back was
      cut a slot into the side of a small cardboard box, near the base of
      the box, so that the box on its side will fit over the laptop screen.
      The screen is then viewed through what was the top of the box. Then
      bring the tabs at the box top together to make the opening into the
      box smaller (~ 6" X 6") and glue/tape/staple to keep them in place.
      You can apply some tape to the inside of the box to block any holes
      and even paint the inside a flat black. This looks a bit silly but, if
      you face directly into the sun (i.e. sun is shining on the bottom of
      the box) you can operate in full sun, while allowing as little
      additional light in and preventing the laptop screen from being washed
      out. The key to making this work well is to make the opening in the
      box that you view the screen through as small as possible, while still
      allowing you to see the whole screen at a comfortable view distance
      (hint this size is much less than the actual size of the laptop screen.)

      Michael VE3WMB

      --- In 30meterPSKGroup@ yahoogroups. com, "Mel" <Gzerogqk@.. .> wrote:

      > Hello Larry and
      > Thanks for your replies regarding the NUE-PSK unit. I
      didn't realise
      > that they were entirely glued together by the user,I
      thought that
      > they could be purchased as ready made plug and play
      decoders. It
      > really would be nice to see a picture of the operating
      screen of one
      > of these units as I haven't as yet seen one.
      > Some months ago I did download pictures and information on the Asus
      > Eee, it stated that they do consume very little power and it was also
      > stated in the article that the initial deliveries were loaded with
      > Linux but later versions would be availabe with XP which means that
      > Digipan, with its well known simple and easily used operating screen
      > could be used on the Asus.

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