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Re: QRP Weekend??

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  • Don
    Hi Larry, Still looking for you and hope to see you today (Sunday) if you happen to get a chance to get on the band. I was able to manage a number of QRP QSO s
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 20, 2008
      Hi Larry,

      Still looking for you and hope to see you today (Sunday) if you happen
      to get a chance to get on the band.

      I was able to manage a number of QRP QSO's both state side and even
      some DX (France, UK, Cuba, etc). The band seemed to be in good shape
      and had a number of QRP QSO's durning the day but late in the day had
      a few that were from 20min to over 30min long ragchews so it was fun
      and the band held out. My most interesting ones on the band yesterday
      (Saturday 4/19) were:

      - Station in PA in apart/condo using QRP and rain gutter as
      antenna...so then I switched to my tuner with rain gutter so we were
      gutter to gutter QRP so just proved try and use what you have and give
      it a go!

      - My 1 watt QRPp to several in TX area and East Coast...again band was
      good shape here...didn't take much yesterday to make some nice contacts.

      - Delbert N5ZTW answered back with a reply to my 'I have no idea how
      much power I was using' as there was no detection of any power out on
      my meter on the ic-756proII or the Diawa CN-801 meter either..but
      Delbert answered back...thanks Delbert.

      Hope you all have had a nice weekend....30m seems in good shape this
      weekend and lots of fun and contacts/experimenting/ragchew/dx going
      on, hope some of you had time to operate some on the band.

      de kb9umt Don

      --- In 30meterPSKGroup@yahoogroups.com, "Edward Cobb" <larrycobb@...>
      > Not sure how anyone else might be doing but my portable ops from FN11ev
      > are not too hot [:-s] . I got the Buddipole set up in dipole config
      > but the bands in general were pretty noisy from mid morning to mid
      > afternoon ... I have to break off pretty soon for a planned dinner. I
      > tried 20m CW and SSB but QRP is pretty rough right now and there seemed
      > to be a contest going on. 30m was very noisy with nasty-sounding stuff
      > [:(] ... I heard some PSK signals but none too strong. I was able to
      > decode with PSKDigi and my Dell Axim but I still don't have a good
      > interface set up for TX ... tried some CQ's around 10.141 (audio freq)
      > but don't think I was getting out well and if everyone else had the same
      > noise as I it wouldn't have made any difference if I was getting out Hi!
      > It was not a bust trip, though. I learned that I need a "checklist"
      > when getting ready for a QRP-portable outing ... there's too much stuff
      > to forget (and I did [:)] ). I'll be trying this in another week or so
      > from a local park in NJ to practice. I need practice with my QRP
      > operating technique, too! [:">]
      > Hope there were other people on the band for QRP ... I don't know if
      > I'll get on tomorrow because we're leaving around mid-day for NJ and 30m
      > isn't too hot in the A.M.
      > For now, my fervent wish is for more sunspots!
      > 73!
      > Larry - NK2X
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