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30MDG Update - membership >650 & site update to the group

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  • Don
    ALL, We have now been at this officially for 4 full months so thought I would give you an update, some numbers, and an overview to date on 30MDG. Our home page
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2008

      We have now been at this officially for 4 full months so thought I
      would give you an update, some numbers, and an overview to date on

      Our home page of http://www.30meterdigital.org:

      Over 9,400 hits on the main 30MDG home page

      Over-all total hits on all 30MDG pages is over 20,000

      Some numbers the last few days/months:

      Page View Summary
      Total page views in last 7 days: 1,739
      Total page views in last 30 days: 8,156
      Most page views in last 30 days: 465 (Sun 03/30/08)

      We still are getting interest on 30MDG and hits around the World:


      Our 30MDG Membership and Awards pages are up to date and that is
      thanks to Rob ZL3RG (THANK YOU ROB!):

      30MDG Members = 656
      WAS 46
      DXCC 56
      WAC 6

      Awards 30MDG page:

      I'm linked to Rob ZL3RG pages as he is keeping it all current

      Now..how about some numbers about how active the Awards are...well
      here are some numbers and you should see some of these logs, the band
      is active and for sure in EU!!!

      Awards…over 180 issued

      Breakdown of Awards issued
      30-30 = 66
      300-30= 17
      10-EU = 49
      30-QRP = 5
      10M-10= 10
      WAS-30= 0 (I know some are trying hard at it)
      WAC-30= 14
      ZL Award = 5
      Canada 30m CtoC= 0
      50Bronze= 12
      100Silver= 2
      150Gold= 0

      Only around 14 or 8% of the Awards where issued to those in the USA
      or NA….how can we get NA more involved?? Suggestions? Comments?

      Some of our 30MDG Polls are very interesting and still going so you
      can take a look at some of them and the numbers/information and or if
      you have not please participate in them:

      Interface Poll

      Digital Wattage Poll

      Digital Mode Poll

      Digital Software Poll

      Using Brag and seeing more 30MDG members on the band Poll

      30m Antenna Poll

      We have added some more help and WE THANK ALL that help and
      participate here...best help is get on the 30m digital band and have
      some fun!

      Added to the auto spotters is Ed WB6YTE for West Coast NA auto spots,
      and Sean G4UCJ/G4001SWL for EU spots (backup of Ko), and Don KB9UMT
      auto spots Central NA (backup to Tim)..thank you both and now we just
      need a SA, AF, and AS spotter.

      Added Darin VE3OIJ for help on Awards and owner of the 30m Canada
      Coast to Coast Award. Barry M0IOW help on EU (10-EU and 30-30 for
      EU) Awards...thank you both!

      • M5AAV/SK Graham - In Memory of M5AAV (see
      bottom of page please)
      • M0IOW Barry - EU Cert/Awards
      • VE3OIJ Darin - Canada Award(s)
      • KE7HPV Sholto - Website help and creator of 30
      Meter Digital Spot Page and Auto Spotter
      • N9PUZ Tim - 30 Meter Spot Page - Auto Spotter
      • VK2XGJ John - 30 Meter Spot Page - Auto Spotter
      • KF4IN Walter - 30 Meter Spot Page -Auto Spotter
      • NL9222 KO - 30 Meter Spot Page -EU Auto Spotter
      • WB6YTE Ed - 30 Meter Spot Page -NA Auto Spotter
      • G4UCJ/G4001SWL Sean - 30 Meter Spot Page - EU
      Auto Spotter

      Larry NK2X always a speacial thanks as he and Rob ZL3RG are my right
      hand men and can't do it without them....anyway Larry came up with an
      Exel speadsheet to help on looking up 30MDG members in your logs for
      Awards or just to know if you have worked any members:

      Excel 2003 workbook which allows looking up 30MDG calls and linking
      to the member number

      Of course Laurie VK3AMA always updating our 30MDG list for icons so
      we appreciate that Laurie:

      Hope you don't mind the update and our numbers are still climbing as
      I haven't had time to promote 30m or 30MDG so I think we might climb
      over 700 or 800 by end of April or May but we will see once we start
      to promote our 30m QRP April 19/20 Weekend. We have other things in
      the mix with maybe some new Awards, working out maybe having a
      seperate group to promote narrow SSTV mode or another Yahoo narrow
      SSTV to do this...also working on a few things so our numbers are
      increasing, the band is more active with Activity and for sure in EU
      we just need to get on board in NA and the band Gods need to give us
      some good propagation!

      Thanks all for participating on 30m and supporting the 30MDG and
      maybe some of you have some numbers or information to share and that
      is fine....those individual reports or whatever (Sholto..not sure you
      have numbers on your Spot site to share...I know the weekends fill
      the page in just one day or at times in a few hours...busy on the

      de kb9umt Don 30MDG#0001

      One more thing...keep Graham M5AAV/SK in your thoughts and prayers
      tomorrow Monday 07/04/08 as his funeral is tomorrow and for those
      that have emailed on the flowers sent it was covered by the 'core'
      30MDG members for the whole group so all is taken care of..if you
      want to still donate anything then please email Ivor:

      hello to all in the group.
      first of all, thank-you to all for the donation for flowers from the
      I have spoken to his wife Liz and details of the funeral. it will take
      place on Monday 7th April at 13:40pm, at the Burnley crematorium.
      its also the wish of Liz, that a tree will be planted in his name.
      m5s from this side will send donation to Liz, address in qrz callbook
      any questions please ask
      73 to all ivor m5ply.
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