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RE: [30meterPSKGroup] Re: File - Any Reports on 30 mtr contacts?

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  • Ed Sack
    Hello Sholto, Are you aware of the internet alert software developed by KF6XA for Propnet which, I believe, does what you are looking for, at least for
    Message 1 of 1013 , Dec 4, 2007
      Hello Sholto,

      Are you aware of the "internet alert" software developed by KF6XA for Propnet
      which, I believe, does what you are looking for, at least for Propnet signals.

      You tell the software (as of last report, just tell Dave) how often you want to
      be alerted to the receipt of YOUR signal by another Propnet station (on whatever
      band.) When a Propnet station reports a catch to findu, Dave's software notices
      and sends you an e-mail alert.

      Don't know if Dave wants to increase the utilization of his program right now
      but at least I thought it was worth letting you know.




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      Hello everyone,

      I have an idea and wanted to get some feedback before implementing it. Would
      anyone be interested in receiving an email or cell phone SMS alert when
      conditions on 30m are "happening" or a specific entity shows up?

      With the autospot software it is possible to measure the number of different
      stations transmitting in a given time period.

      So say, there were 20 different calls in 5 minutes, maybe that would
      indicate a good time to get on the band?

      The alert could also be programmed to look for a certain entity callsign -
      so if you wanted South Africa, you would get an email when a Zulu Sierra
      turned up (if it was spotted by someone within a "close" distance to you).

      Depending on the feedback I will look into implementing this. I don't intend
      to charge anything for it because there is no way to guarantee anything, but
      it's possible that using SMS would involve a charge.

      73 Sholto

      Please join in on Thursday and Sunday Night 30mtr PSK activity nights, also when
      in the shack use the 30 mtr digital Spots page made possible by Sholto KE7HPV


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    • graham787
      Last 24H [ UA1ASB 1 watt band hopping beacon ] 73-G, ZL1SW https://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html# IZ5CND https://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html# 30m OPERA 18386
      Message 1013 of 1013 , Dec 27, 2016
        Last 24H  

        [ UA1ASB  1 watt band hopping beacon ]


        ZL1SWIZ5CND30mOPERA18386 km07:29:10
        IZ5CNDRX3DHR30mOPERA2377 km08:10:05
        RW3ADBIZ5CND30mOPERA2327 km11:50:38
        IZ5CNDRW3ADB30mOPERA2327 km10:51:35
        IZ5CNDSV8RV30mOPERA1106 km11:14:41
        UA1ASBRX3DHR30mOPERA764 km07:52:47

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