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  • gi7omy
    Actually ‘1B’ IS illegal. The ‘Republic of Northern Cyprus’ is not recognised by either the UN nor by the ITU. Check here:
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      Actually ‘1B’ IS illegal. The ‘Republic of Northern Cyprus’ is not recognised by either the UN nor by the ITU.

      Check here: http://1b-prefix.blogspot.co.uk/


      From the RSGB:

      ...AROS (Amateur Radio Observation Service) has also asked us to stress that the use of "1B/UK call-sign is not allowed under UK licensing regulations. 1B is only recognised by North Cyprus and Turkey, and not by the rest of ITU entities that govern radio station calls. Therefore, even a UK amateur is given written permission to use "1B/UK callsign" by the North Cyprus authorities, it is a breach of international regulations for the amateur to use that callsign.
      Indeed, an amateur could lose his UK license if he persisted in using "1B/UK callsign".”


      It’s also a breach of licensing conditions to work an ‘illegal’ callsign


      For those who may think it’s fine as ‘his license was issued by his government’ keep in mind that the government itself is illegal (the background is that Turkey invaded that part of Cyprus, drove out the Greek Cypriots and moved Anatolian Turks into the vacant homes). The ONLY country in the world who recognises either that ‘state’ or a ‘1B’ call is Turkey (and just as an aside '1B' is also 'claimed' by the 'Republic of South Ossetia')


      Take a parallel (not likely to happen but think on it): The Mexican government decides to annex a portion of Texas, sets up a ‘Republic of Southern Texas, drives any ‘Anglos’ out and resettles the area with native born Mexicans and then the ‘Government of Southern Texas’ issues a prefix. What would be the reaction of the ARRL and the FCC to anyone ‘working’ that call prefix?



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      Hi Scott,

      thank you very much for your comments. I agree with you that the usage of unallocated prefixes does not necessarily imply an "illegal" operation, this the more when we ignore any licensing conditions of the resp. station. I would never dare suspecting a station being a "pirate" just because his prefix is not contained in the ITU list. This also applies to the T1 prefix; but a certain doubt remains in this respect. With 1B it is different as he published copies of his personal license on QRZ.com. Regarding Z6 I don't know whether this might have been officialized in the meantime.

      As Darin rightly says, regarding the U30 award program, we are surely on a safer ground when limiting ourselves to the official ITU prefixes, even if it means to our regret that we are not credited with a new "country".. 

      vy73 Fred DL6XAZ

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      Good morning Fred, I hope you're having a good weekend.

      With very few exceptions, our rules allow only contacts with other Amateur Radio stations.

      An unofficial prefix doesn't necessarily indicate that the station is operating illegally.

      I cite 1A0, and Z6 as unofficial prefixes that are being used legally.

      By unofficial I mean not in the ITU list of assigned prefix blocks.

      I believe that most likely this station in Transnistria is operating legally.

      See this link for a bit of information. 


      Have a nice rest of the weekend. Thank you for the reply.

      73 Scott KT1B Haverhill, MA


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      Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 06:16:12 -0700
      Subject: [30MDG] RE: Transnistria on 30


      Hi Scott,
      thank you for letting us know about the T1-prefix. It rather puzzles me because sofar I have only seen and worked calls from the towns of Bender and Tiraspol - both within that territory - using the usual ER-prefix. Also, there does not seem to exist any communiqué by ITU regarding any prefix allocation to those territories which proclamed independence, like also e.g. Abchasia. Considering that the governing body of the Transnistria territory is aiming to obtain international recognition - the extent of which I ignore - I doubt that they unilaterally usurp an unused prefix block without consent by ITU.
      Therefore I would be reluctant in working such call as it might clash with my license conditions which states that I am only permitted to establish radio contacts with other legal amateur stations. It goes without further saying that we as hams should keep out of international politics but at times the problems do touch us.
      Since you raise the question towards the 30MDG, please consider that also contacts with 1B - Northern Cyprus - are disregarded by the U-30 program; I suppose the same will happen with this T1 and similar prefixes not contained in the DXCC lists.
      It would be interesting to know how this question of contacts with new prefixes of such territories is regulated by other administrations, i.e. whether they are permitted or are put into the "illegal" drawer. Does e.g. the FCC allow such contacts? Which is the ARRL attitude? Are those stations "legal contacts" or not?
      vy73  Fred DL6XAZ

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      I worked T10VB in Transnistria on 30 cw today.

      I had never heard of the place so I looked it up. Wikipedia can explain it a lot better than I can.


      U30 does not recognize the prefix and rightly so. T1 is not assigned by the ITU.

      Does anyone have any more information? As far as I can tell from the little research I've done, the station is operated by a Russian ham and I believe it's legitimate.

      I believe that despite the unofficial prefix it should be accepted by U30 as long as the station is operating legally.

      1A0 is an unofficial prefix, not on the ITU list, but is a DXCC entity.

      I'd be tempted to have it count as an additional country in U30.

      Any thoughts on this?

      73 and good dx.

      Scott KT1B Haverhill, MA

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