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Re: Some various kerfuffles

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  • Don
    Hi Charlie KA8OQF, Didn t see anyone respond to your post so thought I would give it a start and others can post if they want to add anything. First...good
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 19 6:00 PM
      Hi Charlie KA8OQF,

      Didn't see anyone respond to your post so thought I would give it a start and others can post if they want to add anything.

      First...good idea going for a campaign for WAS on JT9 and you will not be alone as I know a number that have already started. GL on it and it should be fun.

      As far as your other comments/questions:

      1 - keep in mind that Laurie VK3AMA has lots going on for us all to enjoy - he has done a great job on HamSpots because it will do so much (some folks know little about it which is too bad for them). If you go to the HamSpots 'home' you will see a list of things HamSpots does or updates...many things including auto cross postings of related bands/modes and those pages:


      Auto Cross-Posting Now Active
      Auto cross-posting between the Club and Mode pages is now active.
      For example: If you post an MFSK mode local spot on the 30MDG page, it will be cross-posted to the MFSK page. Similarly, if someone posts a HELL local spot on the FH Club page and it is for a 30m frequency, it will be cross-posted to the 30MDG page.

      Auto cross-posting works between all the Club and Modes pages. It doesn't work for the Cluster displays, only the Local Spot & Chat displays.


      New Blocked Callsigns Page
      A new page under the "Information" top level menu.

      Callsigns that send auto-spots for an extended period spotting stations on the wrong band, will have their Callsign placed on a "Blocked List". This usually happens when a user fails to correctly set the QRG of the software after changing bands.

      Stations that are blocked will have their spots from all incoming feeds automatically deleted.

      To be removed from the Blocked List, visit the /blocked/ page and use the "Remove Block" button. You need to be signed in for the button to be visible.

      2 & 3 - Here are a list of JT65 and JT9 frequencies they list on their Yahoo Group sites:

      1838 - 160 meters
      3576 - 80 meters
      7039, 7076 - 40 meters
      10139, 10147 - 30 meters
      14076 - 20 meters
      *18098, 18102, 18106 - 17 meters
      21076 - 15 meters
      24917 - 12 meters
      28076 - 10 meters
      50276 - 6 meters

      10 Meters: 28.078
      12 Meters: 24.924
      15 Meters: 21.078
      17 Meters: 18.104
      20 Meters: 14.078
      30 Meters: 10.130
      40 Meters: 7.078
      80 Meters: 3.578
      160 Meters: 1.838

      Some as you know with the addition of JT65 and JT9 in the same bandwidth/section doesn't make sense as stated here on this group in earlier message posts....but they are what they are unless changed. Also keep in mind some use different frequencies but to see what they are using to know what some are using for 30m or 17m then go to HamSpots and watch the spots for those bands and modes (or PSK Reporter or the 30m Band Utilization chart which is not a band plan but just were some modes are at on the band):


      Don KB9UMT 30MDG#0001

      --- In 30MDG@yahoogroups.com, "ka8oqf" <charliecotterman@...> wrote:
      > 1 -- when signed in to BOTH the 30MDG and All Digital Modes Hamspots, sometimes the post to the 'Local Skeds/Chats/Spots' section winds up on the other board. Is this just a hazard of being signed into both at the same time, or is there a way to prevent this?
      > 2 -- good JT9 freq for 17m? 17m jt65 18102 -- jt9 18104??
      > 3 -- good JT9 freq for 30m? 10130 +/-? 10140 +/-?
      > Inquiring minds want to know...
      > Now that W8BI has pulled WAS on JT65 (last cards coming in, and to be submitted for wallpaper shortly), I'm seriously thinking of a campaign for WAS on JT9...this may take awhile...
      > For the Dayton Amateur Radio Assn club station W8BI
      > Charlie KA8OQF
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