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Re: [30MDG] 30m Monoband radio/kit dream... 8)

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  • KD1IA
    Great idea s Bill, But in the end I m considering spending the $300 and picking up an old ts-830s just for 30m. Not sure how the receive would hold up against
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 27, 2013
      Great idea's Bill, But in the end I'm considering spending the $300 and picking up an old ts-830s just for 30m.  Not sure how the receive would hold up against my ft1k's.  But,  This was all just a bit of conjecture.
      Perhaps I will consider going the SDR rout. 
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      I would be attracted to an SDR linked to a simple CPU (e.g.:  Raspberry) or a communicator (e.g.:  iPhone, etc.).  This would give the CW and digital modes plus the DSP we all love on receive.  Should only CW be needed, only the SDR, a key, and a headset would fill the bill.  A small power supply would run it all.

      Adding a 'brick', would move this QRP rig into the moderate power class with the added complexities expected.

      As luck would have it, these specifications can be filled with kit and manufactured rigs.  You might like to look at these exemplary links: 


      I hope that this input is helpful.

      73 and keep thinking!


      W. J. (Bill) Karle, VE4KZ
      Radio Amateurs of Canada -- Maple Leaf Operator Member
      Amateur Radio Emergency Service -- Certified Emergency Coordinator

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      Subject: [30MDG] 30m Monoband radio/kit dream... 8)

      HI all, Wonder if any of you handy types ever considered making something like a 30m monoband radio.
      Features would go something like this.
      CW/SSB,  Crstal controled would be ok as we only use so maney frequencies on 30m thought a VFO would be nice. 
      Power output well Im inthe states so a good Solid 200w out would be best.  Tube finals no problem for me.  Pair of 572b's?  External  120vor 220v pS... \
      Nice digital enhanced receiver with 32 or 64 bit dsp. 
      Now probably for what it would cost to HB this radio you can have a comerically made HF radio that does 160m-6m with just as good specs.
      Oh well rambling on the slow reflector
      73 de John ko1h

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