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RE: [30MDG] Re : 30 metre upgrade

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  • Scott Currier
    That s the drawback to the OCFD s. Unbalanced so you get current flowing on the outside of the coax shield, that can lead to RF in the shack. I have some
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 3, 2013
      That's the drawback to the OCFD's. Unbalanced so you get current flowing on the outside of the coax shield, that can lead to RF in the shack.
      I have some problems with that at high power. Not on 30 since I can't run high power on that band.
      The 80 meter OCFD is a bit longer than an extended double Zepp on 10 mHz. It works but because of the high swr, I imagine I'm losing a lot of RF in the feedline.
      Ok on adding a wire below for 30 and 15. Good idea. I've used fan dipoles in the past and they have worked well. A bit heavy and not as broadbanded as an OCF but you have a balanced antenna with a 1/2 wave dipole pattern.
      I have a DX Engineering 80-40-20-10 meter fan dipole that I got for next to nothing.
      I was thinking of converting it to a warc band dipole. Get rid of the traps. The 40 meter wire would be converted to 30, the 20 to 17, and the 10 meter would have to be slightly lengthened for 12 meters.
      I have no experience to speak of with loop antennas. I did put up a vertically polarized delta loop for 40 a decade ago. The results weren't great, I wasn't motivated to find out what I did wrong, if anything, and never persued it.
      Loops are very popular and are reportedly good performers.
      Congrats on 101 on 30. 
      I wouldn't mind having a yagi either. At this time I don't have any visible antennas and for the forseeable future I'm going to keep it that way.  They're out back in the woods. If you look for them you can see them but they're not obtrusive.
      I'm having a good time with the wires.
      Looks like we're in the opposite boats, I'm inside with the heat on or I'd be freezing, you're inside hopefully with A/C or you're sweating :)
      Are your 101 countries on digital or cw or a combination of both?
      I find that digital was the hardest for DXCC, only recently got it on digital. Or I should say, got the necessary confirmations on LOTW. Haven't applied for the award.
      Ok on the high voltage pylons. How's the noise level there?
      Unfortunately I get more noise than I would like. 12 meters seems to be affected the most right now. 30 meters isn't a problem.
      If it becomes a problem I can go to the power company. By law they have to fix it. Our Federal Communications Commission will get on their case if they don't.
      Long term, I would like to phase out the OCFD and replace it with hopefully only 2 fan dipoles. 1 for the contest bands, the other for the warc bands. I'll continue using the vertical on 160.
      I'm interested in the cw and digital portions of each band. Whatever I get in the phone portion I can live with and take care of with the antenna tuner.
      73 and have a good day.
      Scott KT1B Haverhill, MA


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      From: don@...
      Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2013 12:48:30 +1300
      Subject: RE: [30MDG] Re : 30 metre upgrade


      Scott I made a 80 m ofcd it works ok. Its not much good for 30 and 15 but I hear add another antenna underneath for those two bands and it works.

      I use a loop for 30 , and have a multieband vertical for 6 to 40 . That works better than the ofcd. I ran the ofcd on the amp the other night  and the house alarm went off and so did the  tv .

      I am up reasonably high in my property   but Its not a good reflective ground, and I am surrounded with high voltage pylons. The same antennas elsewhere work so much better than what I have here.

      I really wish I had space to get a yagi or similar up.

      Never mind i just got 101 countries on 30 now  so pretty happy with that.

      Don zl1atb   sitting in muggy Auckland 22.7 deg 7 humidity 93%



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      Hi Don, ouch, that is warm. We're sitting at about 0c, maybe a little less, light snow, dusting on the ground.
      We had a relatively warm day for January at the beginning of the week, along with a soaking rain storm that took care of all of the snow.
      At one point in the middle of the night, we were a couple of degrees F warmer than my parents down in Florida. Hit 16.6666 degrees c. Not bad for this time of year.
      Once we get through February and into March we should be good.
      By the way, on a 30 meter note, I've been toying with the idea of a 60/30/15 meter off center fed dipole.
      Unfortunately the frequencies don't line up well but I believe that by using thick wire and compromising on the center frequency it may very well give you an SWR of better than 2:1 on parts or all of the three bands.
      I was thinking 5.2, 10.4, and 20.8. In reality the low SWR points aren't exactly harmonically related, which may be a plus.
      The fact that OCF antennas are more broadbanded than center fed antennas makes me believe that it may work out well.
      The other alternative would be to tune the antenna for the 30 meter band, have a full wave antenna, with a bit of gain over a dipole while maintaining a dipole-like pattern, albeit a bit sharper.
      Whatever happens on 60 and 15 happens and you make up for it with an antenna tuner.
      Just an idea that I have been thinking about. I'd like to switch from my 80 meter OCF dipole to something that will be better for 30.
      As always I'm trying to get more bands out of a single antenna.
      Thanks for the reply. 73 and enjoy your summer.
      Scott KT1B Haverhill, MA


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      Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 08:28:40 +1300
      Subject: RE: [30MDG] Re : 30 metre upgrade


      Thanks Scot,  25.5 c was the high yesterday, we did hit 30c one day with 90% humidity as well , had a run of days like that and was pretty uncomfortable. Mostly days of cloud cover, but last night  no ham radio for me , it was the first clear sky night of this summer, and I was  sky watching.

      Don zl1atb


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      Subject: RE: [30MDG] Re : 30 metre upgrade



      Sounds like a really good day Don. Nice to hear from you again.
      I hope things are going well down there and that your summer is going well.
      Quite cold here, about 0C if we're lucky.
      73 and take care
      Scott KT1B Haverhill, MA


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      Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 13:13:33 +1300
      Subject: RE: [30MDG] Re : 30 metre upgrade


      What ever was going on yesterday got me 17 new contacts on jt65 on 30 and two worked b4.There was an unsettled geo magnetic field and I see its still showing unsettled so maybe tonight will be the same .

      Don zl1atb


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      Thank you for the info Mel. How do you like the 1/4 wave vert?

      Yes, the SFI is low but somehow 12 was open to EU today and I worked VK on 15 meters. I wouldn't expect either would be possible with an SFI so low.

      I checked several sites because I thought the report was inaccurate.

      160 last nite was better than I have heard it in a long time. More DX than I have heard in years. Some EU stations were fairly strong.

      I just looked at the grid square map in U30 showing the US grids that I have worked.

      While I have most of the Eastern part of the US, there are more holes than not in the Western part of the US.

      I can't help but think that part or most of your problem may be a lack of ham activity.

      I would expect that your 1/4 wave vert with 50 to 100 watts would be more than adequate to work anywhere in the US on a regular, probably daily, basis.

      USA-CA is a very challenging award. I don't think it's been done without the use of a lot of skeds.

      It's about 0c here today. Hope your wx is better but suspect it isn't.

      73 and thanks for the reply

      Scott KT1B Haverhill, MA

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      From: Gzerogqk@...
      Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 21:40:13 +0000
      Subject: [30MDG] Re : 30 metre upgrade


      Hello Scott,
      Perhaps I need to make a clarification, the 1600 US county contacts have been made since January 1987 on bands other than 30 metres. I haven't found a new county or a new locator square on 30 metres because most of the time when I'm around I only see west Europe,and the conditions across the pond on most occasions have been just about acceptable
      The antenna I have is a quarter wave vertical for 30 metres with three tuned raised radials resonant on 10.140

      At the present time the SFI is 97 with the upper bands being poor-poor-fair-fair its more akin to the bottom of a cycle rather than near the top !

      Kind regards, Mel G0GQK



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