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Re: [30MDG] File - Any Reports on 30 mtr contacts?

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  • YV5MM Manuel Mosquera
    YES MY FRIENDS: JT65   PG5V  -  US5IW   -   UW2ZM   03 02 2013      21:40 UTC  &  UP 73 de Manuel Manuel Mosquera RamirezYV5MM RADIO CLUB
    Message 1 of 1013 , Feb 3, 2013

      JT65   PG5V  -  US5IW   -   UW2ZM   03 02 2013      21:40 UTC  &  UP

      73 de Manuel

      Manuel Mosquera Ramirez
      Miembro # 1347 desde 1970
      42 años al servicio de la humanidad
      P.O. Box 20285
      Caracas 1020A D.C.


      --- On Sun, 2/3/13, 30MDG@yahoogroups.com <30MDG@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      From: 30MDG@yahoogroups.com <30MDG@yahoogroups.com>
      Subject: [30MDG] File - Any Reports on 30 mtr contacts?
      To: 30MDG@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, February 3, 2013, 5:41 PM


      Any group member have any 30 meter digital mode contacts to report?

      Or does anyone have any comments about the propagation paths in your area of the World for the last few weeks on the 30 meter band?
      (openings, path changes, activity, DX best times, modes, antennas, etc)

      Or report 30m digital spots here:
      (thanks Laurie VK3AMA)

      30 Meter Band Utilization Chart:
      (Courtesy of Ian G3NRW and thanks Ian)

      Also remember thanks to Richard PA3GWH we have a live 30 Meter PSK Online Receivers so check out what is happening in EU on 30 Meters:

      Voorburg JO22EB Netherlands, Thanks Richard PA3GWH

      (We would like to promote more 30m online PSK receivers so anyone else wanting to setup a 30 meter PSK receiver please email kb9umt AT arrl.net )

      For other 30MDG Information please go to our http://www.30mdg.net page.


      de kb9umt Don 30MDG#0001
      EN50dp - Moderator

    • graham787
      Last 24H [ UA1ASB 1 watt band hopping beacon ] 73-G, ZL1SW https://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html# IZ5CND https://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html# 30m OPERA 18386
      Message 1013 of 1013 , Dec 27, 2016
        Last 24H  

        [ UA1ASB  1 watt band hopping beacon ]


        ZL1SWIZ5CND30mOPERA18386 km07:29:10
        IZ5CNDRX3DHR30mOPERA2377 km08:10:05
        RW3ADBIZ5CND30mOPERA2327 km11:50:38
        IZ5CNDRW3ADB30mOPERA2327 km10:51:35
        IZ5CNDSV8RV30mOPERA1106 km11:14:41
        UA1ASBRX3DHR30mOPERA764 km07:52:47

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