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  • kb9umt
    Hi Chris KU4A and all, From the 30MDG Team I would like to thank you (sorry for very late reply). We have a great group of Award Managers and a great group
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      Hi Chris KU4A and all,

      From the 30MDG "Team" I would like to thank you (sorry for very late reply). We have a great group of Award Managers and a great group of digital ops on 30 Meters.

      For those that don't know about or participate in our 30MDG Awards program it really is fun and simple to do - no pressures and casual just like the use of the 30 meter band.

      We have 111 Awards in our program so it will keep you busy and having fun. We have a FREE program to do all the work for you so it is very simple - Ultimate30 or U30 does it all (thanks to John OE3JPK)
      Go here:
      We have 30% of our membership that particpates in our Awards Program so it is busy and you will have fun working others:

      John OE3JPK deserves a BIG THANKS for putting hundreds of hours in an Award Program that is really the best of the best! You work the 30m band then load your log in U30 Award Software then it does all the work and tracks it all, amazing! Thanks John for all you have done to promote the 30m band and 30MDG Award Program.

      This really was Rob ZL3RG idea back when we started this in 2006/2007 to have a way to have fun working others and then 30MDG giving our thanks by issuing a thanks vis an Award for working the 30m band (thanks Rob!). We wanted a way to keep interest to those that work the 30m band and this does just that. Rob also designed most all the certificates and how the Awards are laid out or grouped to keep interest in different areas. Rob also is an Award Manager and if you ever work Rob on the band and see his signal from ZL you will see why he likes 30m band - big signal and big 30m Quad - if he doesn't pull you in then the band propagation isn't there! hi

      Laurie VK3AMA is our database and go to person for many tasks so thanks Laurie! Also an Award Manager for 30MDG Awards. Laurie currently heavy in JT65 and the creator of JT65HF Alert so if you have not tried JT65 on 30m or other bands give it a try.

      Here are the other 30MDG Award Managers that also deserve a big thanks for all the time they spend checking logs and approving 30MDG Award Certificates:
      Barry M0IOW
      Darin VE3OIJ
      Richard PA3GWH
      'Pez' OE3EPW
      Bek EX8AB
      Barry ZS2EZ
      Fred N2FJ
      Larry NK2X(on leave)
      Don KB9UMT

      Don KB9UMT 30MDG#0001

      --- In 30MDG@yahoogroups.com, "ku4a" <ku4a@...> wrote:
      > I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who is involved in the 30MDG awards program. Now that I am retired, I took some time over the last few weeks to get all my 30m QSOs since 1-1-07 entered into my logging program. Then using U30 I was able to see what I had earned and apply. I qualified for 11 different awards and they have all been received as I type this. The certificates are beautiful. I don't plan to stop at 11. I'm looking forward to qualifying for more.
      > Thanks to the author of U30 for an excellent program. Thanks to all the award managers. 30m truly is the best kept secret in ham radio, and this awards program is as well!
      > Chris
      > KU4A
      > 30MDG #1519
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