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Re: File - Any Reports on 30 mtr contacts?

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  • n9dsj
    Add HA1AD...he was -4 dB, like a local...
    Message 1 of 937 , May 1, 2012
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      Add HA1AD...he was -4 dB, like a local...

      --- In 30MDG@yahoogroups.com, "n9dsj" <n9dsj@...> wrote:
      > --- In 30MDG@yahoogroups.com, 30MDG@yahoogroups.com wrote:
      > > Any group member have any 30 meter PSK or other digital mode contacts to report?
      > OM7OM,G3UMT,LZ2STO and ON5UN all easy on JT65a (10.138 dial freq) despite winlink qrm from one station that wipes out qrss, wspr and jt65 stations with a 2k+ hrz signal and seems incapable of listening before transmitting.
    • graham787
      Last 24 hours on ROS/Opera , looks more like a mexican stand off , who is going to Tx first ! G, K6AVP https://pskreporter.info/pskmapn.html# K6AVP
      Message 937 of 937 , Aug 25 2:06 PM
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        Last 24 hours  on  ROS/Opera  , 

        looks more like a  mexican stand off ,  who  is going to  Tx first !


        K6AVPK6AVP30mOPERA0 miles15:57:33
        G4FJWG4FJW30mOPERA0 km12:33:12
        VK3XQVK3XQ30mOPERA0 km01:26:50

        G8APMG8APM30mROS0 km17:49:16
        EA4GBAEA4GBA30mROS0 km19:01:18
        EA4EQEA4EQ30mROS0 km18:34:20
        HA5DOSHA5DOS30mROS0 km18:12:45
        G4MDHG4MDH30mROS0 km17:49:51
        EA1HAYEA1HAY30mROS0 km18:49:36
        DL1MFDL1MF30mROS0 km12:04:56
        VK3XQVK3XQ30mROS0 km11:40:23
        EA5DVEA5DV30mROS0 km11:30:51
        KD1XHKD1XH30mROS0 miles07:11:30
        5P1PM5P1PM30mROS0 km00:38:12

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