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RE: [30MDG] File - Any Reports on 30 mtr contacts?

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  • Paul Cavnar
    A good part of my afternoon yesterday was spent listening between 10.138 to 10.144 for any digital modes on 30m. I heard/saw one signal that appeared to be
    Message 1 of 915 , Apr 15, 2012
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      A good part of my afternoon yesterday was spent listening between 10.138
      to 10.144 for any digital modes on 30m. I heard/saw one signal that
      appeared to be calling CQ but, I could not identify the mode they were
      using. Later, there were a couple of weak PSK signals that were not
      strong enough to read. Eventually, I even listed myself on hamspots for
      about an hour and called CQ using Olivia 16/500 at 10.142.5 but, had no
      takers.... There were spots on the web site with a few in the U.S. but
      most were in EU.

      Paul - N7XFT

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      Subject: [30MDG] File - Any Reports on 30 mtr contacts?

      Any group member have any 30 meter PSK or other digital mode contacts to

      Or does anyone has any comments about the propagation paths in your area
      of the World for the last few weeks on the 30 meter band?
      (openings, path changes, activity, DX best times, modes, antennas, etc)

      Or report 30m digital spots here:
      (thanks Laurie VK3AMA)

      Also remember thanks to a few members here we have live 30 Meter PSK
      Online Receivers so check out what is happening in other parts of the
      World on 30 Meters:

      Voorburg JO22EB Netherlands, Thanks Richard PA3GWH

      Peer Belgium JO21re, Thanks Eddy ON7KEI

      Halifax, NS Canada FN84ds, Thanks John VE1CDD

      Cortez, CO USA DM57ri, Thanks Fr Johnny KD5LWU

      (we have 2 online PSK receivers in EU and 2 in NA, anyone else wanting
      to setup a 30 meter PSK receiver please email kb9umt AT arrl.net )


      de kb9umt Don 30MDG#0001
      EN50dp - Moderator


      Please join in with us on the 30 Meter Band. When in the shack use the
      30 mtr digital Spots page made possible by Laurie VK3AMA


      Yahoo! Groups Links
    • graham787
      VK3KCX & VK4RV Set off a activity night on Opera OP2 last night , at one point , showing EU VK and VK YV , Later on EU YV opened up. 73
      Message 915 of 915 , May 10 6:13 AM
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        VK3KCX & VK4RV  Set off  a  activity night  on Opera  OP2  last night , at one  point  ,  showing   EU<>VK and  VK<>YV  , Later  on  EU<>YV  opened  up.

        73 Graham

        EA1ZOVK3KCX30mOPERA17503 km21:14:54
        EA1ZOVK4RV30mOPERA17415 km21:14:53
        VK4RVEA1ZO30mOPERA17415 km20:01:54
        ON2AJVK3KCX30mOPERA16737 km21:40:17
        G0NBDVK4RV30mOPERA16485 km20:18:51
        DF1VBVK3KCX30mOPERA16415 km20:16:31
        M0PPPVK4RV30mOPERA16404 km20:04:38
        VK4RVON2AJ30mOPERA16347 km20:39:39
        ON2AJVK4RV30mOPERA16347 km20:47:51
        DD2EEVK4RV30mOPERA16119 km17:48:16
        DF1VBVK4RV30mOPERA16053 km21:19:25
        VK4RVDF1VB30mOPERA16053 km19:49:21
        VK4RVYV4GJN30mOPERA15341 km21:42:29
        YV4GJNVK4RV30mOPERA15341 km22:29:44
        VK4RVRW3ADB30mOPERA14045 km19:11:39
        RU3AROVK4RV30mOPERA14039 km19:56:30
        YV4GJNRW3ADB30mOPERA10020 km00:14:36
        YV4GJNDF1VB30mOPERA8122 km00:04:06
        DF1VBYV4GJN30mOPERA8122 km00:15:36
        ON2AJYV4GJN30mOPERA7800 km21:50:14
        YV4GJNON2AJ30mOPERA7800 km21:37:18
        G0NBDYV4GJN30mOPERA7452 km23:59:26
        YV4GJNG0NBD30mOPERA7452 km00:04:06
        YV4GJNEA5IHM30mOPERA7272 km00:14:35
        RU3AROEB5BQC30mOPERA3410 km20:38:10
        RU3AROEA1ZO30mOPERA3384 km20:12:37
        EA1ZORW3ADB30mOPERA3378 km21:14:53
        RU3AROG0NBD30mOPERA2590 km20:38:10
        G0NBDRW3ADB30mOPERA2587 km00:11:57
        RW3ADBG0NBD30mOPERA2587 km17:56:18
        RU3AROG4WGT30mOPERA2558 km18:55:09
        RW3ADBG4WGT30mOPERA2555 km18:59:28
        RU3AROM0PPP30mOPERA2489 km20:38:10
        M0PPPRW3ADB30mOPERA2486 km21:29:32
        RW3ADBM0PPP30mOPERA2486 km18:59:26

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