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11196RE: Re: [30MDG] FCC NPRM RM-11708

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  • k0idt
    Nov 23, 2013

      Jeff we had this discussion on another list and you demonstrated your unwillingness or inability to

      grasp the basic concept of frequency sharing. It could be you just like to argue, not real sure which it is

      and I along with several others wrote you off as hopeless. It's real simple, if this goes through there are

      certain users that will take full advantage of the ruling and flood the band with wideband basically

      non-traditional ham traffic that the rest of us will not be able to identify or monitor for legal content.

      These groups have already proven themselves bad neighbors and very hostile to any criticism.For the

      non-US hams you have no idea what you're letting yourselves in for if you think it's a good idea. Take a

      good look at the the 30m band utilization chart


      Now every frequency listed that is claimed by Winlink or Pactor anything is going to be allowed 2.8khz

      bandwidth. How many of those signals will fit in 50khz? Oh and the US auto subbands will be allowed

      to run the wider modes too,

      Now there's a few of you that think this is a good idea, I'm okay with that just file a comment in support of

      the NPRM if you wish.....just be careful what you wish for.

      My last post on this before it turns into a circular argument with no resolution.



      ---In 30MDG@yahoogroups.com, <tnetcenter@...> wrote:

      Please explain how this proposed rule-making is a threat to 30m operations.

      Jeff Moore  --   KE7ACY  

      On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 2:23 PM, <rkolarik@...> wrote:

      Here's the latest filing by the ARRL
      Please read it over and comment if you care to, just
      base any comment in fact and not emotion. This is a
      major threat to 30m operations.


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