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Slow Cooker eBook Reminder!

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    Slow Cooker eBook Reminder! _____ If the links in this email don t work, please see the NOTE: at the bottom. Just a reminder, we are working on our slow
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      July 2005 Chewin' the News

      Slow Cooker eBook Reminder!

      If the links in this email don't work, please see the "NOTE:" at the bottom.


      Just a reminder, we are working on our slow cooker ebook and we are looking for your tried and true family favorite recipes. We will pick recipes from your postings on the Cooks' Corner Message Board. So post your recipes under the Cooking - Crock Pot category and we will consider them for the ebook.

      Do you need some inspiration? Click here to take a look at the May 2008 edition of the Chewin' the News newsletter. The bonus recipes section has lots of links to slow cooker recipes already published on the 30 Day Gourmet web site.

      Remember, if your recipe is chosen for the ebook, your name will be published along with your recipe and you will receive a free copy of the ebook! The deadline for submitting entries is September 30, 2008.


      Here are the rules.

      • We will only be reviewing recipe submissions through 9/30/08 so submit your recipes to the Cooking - Crock Pot category as soon as you can if you want your recipe to be considered for this ebook.
      • Please submit only your own original recipes. We cannot accept recipes that are copied word-for-word from any publication or any other website. However, we can accept recipes that you have tried and adapted to your own tastes from a previously published source
      • The recipe must be freezable. For example, it can be frozen raw on assembly day and then thawed and fully cooked in the slow cooker on serving day like the Crock Pot Beef Stew recipe. Or it can be fully cooked in the slow cooker on assembly day, frozen and then reheated by any method on serving day such as the Country Pulled Pork recipe.
      • Make sure your recipes include specific measurements and complete instructions (including freezing and reheating instructions).
      • If your recipe is chosen to be published in the ebook you will be notified by email. It is a very important that you include your email address in your Cook's Corner User Profile. You can choose whether you want it publicly displayed. Just make sure it is entered so that 30 Day Gourmet can contact you.

      Good luck to everyone! We look forward to reviewing your recipes.







      If the links in this email do not work for you, please check the following.....


      1. If you get your emails from Yahoo Groups in daily digest form, all the links are removed by Yahoo and the email is sent in "text" version.  You need to cancel the digest emails and choose individual emails to get them sent correctly.

      2. You need to choose to receive your emails from Yahoo in Fully Featured format.  If you don't choose Fully Featured, all the links are removed when it is sent to you.


      To change both of these settings, cut and paste  http://groups.yahoo.com/  in your web browser window.  It will take you to the Yahoo Groups page.  Login using your Yahoo user ID and select the 30DayGourmetFreezerCooking group. Choose to "Edit Membership" from there.  Both of these settings can be changed there, and then you should be all set to get valid links in our Newsletter.


      If you still have problems, please let me know at  carol@...



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