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January 2007 "Chewin' the News" from Shelley

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    January 2007 - Changes in the Wind, Glazed Pecans, and Software Suggestions by Shelley Miller _____ To read the complete newsletter on our website, click
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      January 2007 -  Changes in the Wind, Glazed Pecans, and Software Suggestions

      by Shelley Miller

      To read the complete newsletter on our website, click here.


      If the links in this newsletter don't work, please see the "NOTE:" at the bottom.


      In This Issue:


      ·         A Change is in the Wind


      ·         Glazed Pecans

      ·         Center Stage Salad


      ·         Software Tutorials

      ·         Metric Conversions




      A Change is in the Wind

      Last month I planned a cooking session, did the shopping, and then discovered that our teenaged daughters had other plans for the weekend. "What could they be thinking?" I wondered. There was nothing else to do but adjust my plans to include our 10-year-old twins (and the 6-year-old who thinks she's 10, or maybe even 16!)

      It was slow going compared to other cooking days I've known. For example, it took most of an afternoon to cook 20 pounds of ground beef. But the spontaneous exclamations of "This is so fun!" made up for the lack of progress. While the older girls could systematically create and complete a cooking session on their own, the younger girls were thrilled to be a part of the camaraderie we experience in the kitchen. I guess it's time to pass the baton and build a new team of freezer cooks.

      While I'm in the mode of changing things, I thought I'd try a new approach to the newsletter. Instead of including detailed instructions for using the Advantage Cooking software, you'll see links to pages with a full explanation. I'm hopeful that this will help you find the information you need, without having to wade through a ton of text. Let me know what you think!


      Glazed Pecans

      I use these as toppings for all kinds of salads. I also eat them plain, right out of the freezer bag. The glaze includes a unique combination of orange juice, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and mace. Watch out...they're addicting!

      View/print/import Glazed Pecans!

      Center Stage Salad

      This salad includes Boston lettuce, bleu cheese, red onion, glazed pecans (see recipe above) and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. It may not be freezer friendly, but it's a healthy addition to your table and your Advantage database.

      View/print/import Center Stage Salad!



      Software Tutorials

      If you've just purchased or downloaded the Advantage Cooking software, take a few minutes and run through these software tutorial exercises.

      Metric Conversions

      If you measure ingredients in metric units instead of English units, use these simple steps to get your software to start talking "metric".

        Download a trial version of the software! It's free!



      I received this email last summer from a fellow freezer cook. It's been several months since I published a newsletter, so I was never able to share it with you.

         "Hi Shelley! I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a blessing you and freezer cooking have been in my life. I had an unexpected event happen on June 14th. My husband, who has a corporate managerial position, was electrocuted at work. He went to plug in his cell phone and touched some unseen exposed wires by an outlet. Needless to say, this set off a whole series of events in our home.
         When I brought him home from the hospital, I was able to give him homemade chicken soup I got out of the freezer. I literally did NO cooking for the next five weeks!...and I only had one neighbor bring us dinner because everyone knows I do freezer cooking and they helped in other ways.
         I can't tell you how this saved me. We have no family in the area and so it was up to me to see that everything got done. I couldn't have survived and cooked, too.
         My husband is on the long road to recovery. But with God's help and your recipes, I think we're going to make it.
         Thank you very much,

      Thanks for writing, Jil. I hope that your husband has fully recovered and that your freezer is restocked!




      If the links in this newsletter do not work for you, please check the following.....

      1. If you get your emails from Yahoo Groups in digest form, all the links are removed by Yahoo and the email is sent in "text" version.  You need to cancel the digest emails to get them sent correctly.

      2. You need to choose to receive your emails from Yahoo in HTML format.  If you don't choose HTML, all the links are removed when it is sent to you.


      To change both of these settings, cut and paste  http://groups.yahoo.com/  in your web browser window.  It will take you to the Yahoo Groups page. Once you login, you can choose "Edit Membership" from there.  Both of these settings can be changed there, and then you should be all set to get valid links in our Newsletter.


      30 Day Gourmet

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      Brownsburg, IN 46112


      Copyright 2007 - 30 Day Gourmet.  All rights reserved.





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