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October 2005 "Chewin' the News" - Week 2

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    October 2005 - Chocolate Recipes, Website & Consultant Updates! by Nanci Slagle _____ To read the complete newsletter on our website,
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      October 2005 - Chocolate Recipes, Website & Consultant Updates!


      by Nanci Slagle

      To read the complete newsletter on our website, click here.



      If the links in this newsletter don't work, please see the "NOTE:" at the bottom.




      In This Issue:


      • Chocolate Cheerio Bars

      • Chocolate Peanut Clusters

      • Mississippi Mud Cake

      • Chocolate Desserts from 30 Day Gourmet







      Happy October!
      Fall is in full swing here in Indiana. I love fall! I just wish it wouldn't go from 90 degrees (a few days ago) to 45 degrees (present temp). It's those 60 degree days that are wonderful. If you live where the seasons change and you haven't gotten out and kicked some leaves yet, do it! Life is too short not to smell the proverbial roses along the way. A few weeks ago my 17 year old had to do a required 4 hour "personal retreat" for a class at school. We went to the marina at a local state park and I sat on a pier and read most of "The Old Man and the Sea". Ahhhhhhhh. . . it doesn't get any better than that.
      Unless, of course, we're talking chocolate. Don't you just love the stuff? One of my students is putting together a coffeehouse at school this coming Friday night to raise money for hurricane relief. I volunteered to collect chocolate desserts from our staff members to sell. Now this is my idea of fun! Of course, I'm going to make a few of my own to donate. The kids have already requested Oreo Truffles, No Bake Cookies and Frozen Peanut Butter Bars. Since all of these can be made ahead and frozen, I'll start on them this weekend and not be going crazy on Thursday night!  
      Here are a few new chocolate desserts that I couldn't resist trying out.

      Chocolate Cheerio Bars
      Everyone can always use another recipe with cereal, chocolate, butter and marshmallows. Yum! My kids love these. As with most bars, cookies and candies, they can be made ahead and individually frozen for a quick lunchbox or after school treat.

      Click here to view/print this recipe!


      Chocolate Peanut Clusters

      When I am anywhere near a "pay by the pound" candy counter, this is the treat that I am most tempted to buy. There's something about that mix of sweet and salty. This three ingredient recipe offers a very close alternative.


      Click here to view/print this recipe!


      Mississippi Mud Cake
      I had heard of this but never made one before. Since I forgot to bring my digital camera home over the weekend, I was forced to take the cake to school, photograph it and then leave it in the teacher's lounge. No one seemed to be too upset:)

      Click here to view/print this recipe!


      I looked back through all of our newsletters and I don't think that we have ever pulled together all of our CHOCOLATE recipes for you. So here's a handy list of every recipe on the site that contains chocolate. If you are a dessert lover and like to have desserts handy in the freezer, I would also highly recommend that you buy Tammy's Freezer Desserts to Die For! ebook. For only $6.95 you can download 25+ freezer recipes plus lots of great info on freezing desserts. It's a great deal. Click here for a list of the recipes in the ebook.

      Chocolate Desserts from 30 Day Gourmet
      Ready? Now don't eat them all in one day - HA!

      Members Section:



      Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (to be eaten raw as dough; not baked)
      Frozen Peanut Butter Bars (from the Freezer Cooking Manual)
      Ice Cream Shop Pie including variations for Toffee Bar Crunch Pie and Chocolate Cookie Pie
      Ice Cream Sundae Squares from Freezer Desserts to Die For!

      From our ebook samplers:

      Brownie Pie from Freezer Desserts to Die For!
      Cheater's Chocolate Chip Cheesecake from Freezer Desserts to Die For!
      Chocolate Chip Muffins from Freezer Cooking for Daycare Providers
      Merry Kiss-Mousse Pie from Holiday Freezer Cooking




      November - January are always our busiest months! Shop early and avoid the rush! Please consider giving 30 Day Gourmet gifts for Christmas. We can gift wrap for $1 per item. We can also ship to a different address. Just put a note in the "special instructions" section of your order.

      Here's a quick list of our items:

      Freezer Cooking Manual $14.95 (2-9 are $12.95, 10+ are 11.95)
      Freezer Labels $4 for 1 pkg of 50, $3 for 2-3 pkgs., $2.50 for 4+ pkgs.
      Holiday Freezer Cooking $6.95 download OR $8.95 CD
      Freezer Cooking on a Budget $6.95 download OR $8.95 CD
      Freezer Lunches to Go $6.95 download OR $8.95 CD
      Freezer Desserts to Die For! $6.95 download OR $8.95 CD
      Freezer Cooking for Daycare Providers & Busy Parents $6.95 download OR $8.95 CD
      Healthy Freezer Cooking $6.95 download OR $8.95 CD
      Vegetarian Freezer Cooking $6.95 download OR $8.95 CD
      Co-op Cuisine $6.95 download OR $8.95 CD




      30 Day Gourmet wins baby contest!!
      My husband & I took a 30 Day Gourmet class last summer before our baby was born so that we could have meals ready once he arrived & we just didn't have the energy to cook.  
      I entered a contest a few months ago sponsored by Nestle that asked for a short essay on "How I Got Off to a Good Start With My Baby."  I wrote in part about how the 30 Day Gourmet class was instrumental in getting us off to the right start & out of over 5,000 contest entries, our story won a runner up prize (3 free months of housecleaning - yippee!) 
      Best Regards,
      Lisa from Buffalo Grove, Illinois

      New Freezer Cook says "THANKS"!

      I purchased your cooking manual and have already made my first freezer meal.  (Due to the size of my kitchen I will have to do one or two meals a weekend.)

      I made the stuffed bell peppers (my first time ever) and was very pleased with how easy it was to follow the recipe when making so many (I made 6 recipes).  The peppers were picked from the garden so they should be wonderful!

      Also, I had some of the meat mixture (1/2 turkey and 1/2 sausage) left over so we made some dirty rice with it.  My kids loved it!

      Again, thank you so much!  We will be eating healthy, home cooked, economical meals from now on!  Have a great day!

      Lisa from Wadsworth, Ohio


      30 Day Gourmet travels down under

      I am Lori from Australia, I just received your manual! It is BRILLIANT!!!!! I can’t wait to cooking day! The recipes are really good too, they aren’t garbaging things that my family won’t eat, they are real food!

      Church serving with software

      I’ve had my software for over a year now & have used it to literally prepare over 1000 meals!! I’ve organized HUGE cooking days with people from our church & others, where we’ve done over 200 meals in just one morning (by meals, I mean 4-6 servings PER meal!). Your program is FANTASTIC to say the least!

      More software kudos

      I wanted to let y'all know that I have started a personal chef service, and I am so happy to tell you that I am prepared to do this due to your hard work and influence on my life!  I have been on board with you guys for 7 years, and this has prepared me with all the skills I need to create a (hopefully) lucrative business for my family.  The Advantage Cooking program is a huge part of this business for me!  I will keep you in the know as my business grows. Thanks again!
      Julie from Noblesville, IN




      We have several new consultants who have joined us recently. Please welcome:

      Nicholar Cavataio from Owego, New York
      Linda Darden from Nashville, Tennessee
      Tina Wade from Helena, Montana

      These 30 Day Gourmet consultants now have active website. Visit them soon!
      Francy Moll from Watauga, Texas
      Anissa McBreen from Cincinnati, Ohio
      Dawn Rickard from Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
      Kathy Conway from Bismarck, Missouri
      Veva Guthrie from West Des Moines, Iowa




      That's all for this month. Tomorrow I'll be at school from sunup to sundown teaching and then holding auditions for our musical and then overseeing the induction ceremony for our Drama Club. Never a dull moment!
      Next month we'll talk about the holidays and how your freezer can help cut down on the stress that always accompanies the fun-filled days!




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