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Newsletter update!

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  • 30 Day Gourmet/Tammy
    Hi everybody! Nanci wanted me to drop you a quick update about the status of the Newsletters. We haven t forgotten you, and appreciate your patience! I ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1 7:00 AM
      Hi everybody! Nanci wanted me to drop you a quick update about the status
      of the Newsletters. We haven't forgotten you, and appreciate your patience!
      I've had some personal family challenges to deal with the last few months
      that has kept me very busy with just the day-to-day stuff, let alone having
      time to work and get a Newsletter out. I've felt really bad about it,
      letting you guys down, but Nanci reminded me that family comes first. And
      they do! But, this email is good news for you, because we've come up with a
      plan that's more efficient for us and better for you too!

      Starting next week, you will receive a weekly News from us. Yes, I did say
      weekly!! We've divided the News up into 4 sections, and each of us will be
      doing a section. Carol Santee, our ebook author and nutritional guru will
      be doing the 1st week of the month. She'll be doing the Bonus Recipe and
      contests section. Nanci will follow the 2nd week with info and updates
      about the company, and consultants. Shelley's news will come out the 3rd
      week and she will continue to give us practical info about using our 30 Day
      Gourmet/Advantage software to full capability. And I will follow the 4th
      week with the message board updates. Each of us will include a recipe or
      two, so you will continue to get new recipes as well.

      We're very excited about this new format and hope you are too! Now, I
      realize today is the 1st Friday of July, and you're getting this update from
      me. We will start this schedule next week, doing weeks 2 thru 5 in Jul, and
      then on to the normal schedule of weeks 1-4. We realize that "stuff
      happens", as Nanci likes to say, and life may get in the way of one of us
      sending our News out. But the rest of us will keep to our weekly schedule,
      and the person who got behind will get their News out as soon as they are
      able. Please be patient with us if we have some glitches in the first few
      weeks... Carol, Nanci and Shelley are learning to do this as they go.

      As usual, we welcome your comments and ideas! Please feel free to contact
      Have a great weekend, and Happy 4th of July!
      God bless!

      Tammy Davis

      author of "Freezer Desserts to Die For!"
      30 Day Gourmet, Inc.
      The Leaders in Freezer Cooking!
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