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Dutka Władysław

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  • Lucyna Artymiuk
    707787 Dutka W³adys³aw 27.06.1926 **** jun. / . . . Bez specjalno¶ci Heliopolis 1995 West Seneka New York USA
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      707787           Dutka Władysław     27.06.1926    ****      jun. / . . .         Bez specjalności              Heliopolis            1995 West Seneka New York USA






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      Walter Dutka


      Walter Dutka, 84, died of a heart attack on Feb. 17 at his home in West Seneca.

      Dutka was born Wladislaw Julian Dutka in Tamopol, Republic of Poland. In February 1940 he and his family were deported by the Russians to Siberia during World War II, where he trained the former Soviet guard dogs.

      In 1942, Dutka joined the Royal Air Force as a junior cadet and was stationed in Cairo, Egypt. He relocated to Scotland four years later to study mechanical engineering at the University of Aberdeen and to join the Royal Photographic Society.

      In 1956, Dutka immigrated to the United States. Among his many jobs in Buffalo was circulation manager of the Polish-American newspaper, Everybody’s Daily. He later became vice president of the Adam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle. In 1960, he began his 32-year career at the Pillsbury Company.

      Among his hobbies were cutting hedges, mowing the lawn, and attending estate sales.

      Dutka was the husband of the late Barbara Szczerbinska; father of Andrew, Adam, and Julia Dutka and Joanna (Joel) Zadvorney; and grandfather of Alexander Zadvorney.

      A memorial Mass will be held on June 25 at 10 a.m. at Queen of Heaven Church, 839 Mill Rd., West Seneca.


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