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35wanted:Small bouncy balls. gumball machine ones hammond,in.

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  • Theresa Maria Hellems
    Mar 27, 2009
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      remember when you use to be able to get them from the gumball machines?? u toss
      them & they bounce all over??? well thats what my cat wants, she goes CRAZY over
      them, & since potential chocking hazard for kids im assuming, i cant find them
      anywhere..(there big enough in her mouth that she wont choke) so if any one has
      any laying around the house, I would appreciate all of them. as they get lost
      all the time.. I need those balls. seriously ,,, she looks so sad when she cant
      find them ,, & im not getting any younger & I have no clue where they disappear
      too. like your socks in the dryer. Dehlia will love u forever thank you ......