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  • Chris Beresovoy
    Janet, Believe it or not, all I currently have is the address to Vail Lake campgrounds, where the event is taking place. The click here for more info link on
    Message 1 of 9 , May 4, 2013
      Believe it or not, all I currently have is the address to Vail Lake campgrounds, where the event is taking place. The "click here for more info" link on the ACWS homepage is (predictably) not working. I have sent emails out, and I will keep you posted. The site is about 10 minutes from where Taylor and I live. The address is: 40500 California 79  Temecula, CA 92592.

      However, that is literally 100% of the information I have at the moment. It's not a CWA show, so this is to be expected.

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      I would be interested, can you send me a site name and address, so I can quick map the location.  Also if you can tell me anything about the locations logistics, bathroom; campgrounds; parking; etc.
      Pvt. Janet
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      There is an event at Vail Ranch in Temecula in May, on the 25,26,27 and 28. It is a holiday weekend, and the event does run through Monday just like Calico. We've been invited, and we have never done the event before. IF you guys are interested in going, and we can field a stand-alone unit, I'd love to take us there. One caveat, I will not be able to take the Monday off of work, so I'd intend for us to attend it Friday through Sunday as we traditionally would.

      If we choose to go, I have been advised that some members of Hamptons' Legion would like to fall in with us if they make it. Yes, it is ACWS sponsored, and I will seek out and distribute information if there is a contingent that wishes to go. Bear in mind, that the only other event between us and Huntington Beach at the end of August is a Tejon event on the third weekend in June. So, who's interested?

      In addition, my personal thanks go out to those of you that came to play with me on my "command vacation" at Costa Mesa, as well as the Richmond Howitzer members that joined us, and of course to Hamptons' Legion for hosting us and graciously allowing me to take a much needed break behind a musket. To those of you that were unable to make it: YES, the skipper can still drill and march with the best of them.. lol

      At any rate, and at whichever event we do next, I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

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