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702Moorpark 1st Call!

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  • Chris Beresovoy
    Oct 16, 2013
      It is once again upon us: the crown jewel of the season. The beloved, the legendary, the one and only Moorpark. This is our Maximum Effort event as always, and this year, for a variety of not-so-traditional reasons, YOU need to be there. Need it like oxygen, or cold beer, or the love of a deity of your choosing. Come one, come all, but come loaded for bear. For those of you who have experienced "Operation Rolling Thunder", be advised that it is happening again. For those of you that haven't, befriend any comrade that owns revolvers. As if that wasn't enough of a lure, there is a special ceremony exclusive to us, and those we deem worthy of partaking in our presence that will be taking place at this event, hint: bring a hankie, you may very well need it. I know I will. All of that being said, the official information is below! I will pass on any specifics to you as I receive them from HQ. We will be camped in the walnut grove this year.

      Any of you who have fresh fish, and need gear, contact me ASAP so I can reserve gear. Some names are listed on the roster below, if yours is not there, stand to and sound off!

      CWA Information link: http://www.civilwaralliance.com/CWA/Moorpark1.html 

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