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701Big Changes

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  • Chris Beresovoy
    Oct 16, 2013
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      Many of you have by now heard that our 1st Sergeant is departing in January to serve in the United States Army. Moorpark will be his official retirement from service in the 2nd Florida, and I would be very appreciative of your attendance as a show of support and gratitude for his service to us, and to the country. As so often happens in this hobby, or any other, the boys grow up and become men. I am absolutely confident that 1st Sergeant Craddock will be as excellent a soldier professionally as he has been recreationally.

       What you may not have yet heard is that I am attempting to follow him. I am currently in the enlistment process for the United States Marine Corps Reserve, and at the current rate I will be swearing in the week before Moorpark. I am told that my projected departure date is sometime in early January, though it is not set in stone yet. If I get in, and if I make it, there are some things we need to deal with as a unit. What I can tell you is that I will be stationed at either Camp Pendleton, or 29 Palms, and that after my initial training I will only have duty one weekend per month, with an additional two week stretch each summer. I have chosen this particular route, at least partially, so that I can return to the 2nd Florida, and continue enjoying the luxury of soldiering with each and every one of you. I will explain everything in greater depth when we meet in person.

      I have had individual conversations with some of you over the past two events, but it is something that I need to talk to ALL of you about. My initial training will render me unable to attend events for a significant portion of the 2014 season. I have already notified the command staff of my possible absence, and out of respect for our stellar reputation as a company, they will allow us to deal with the future as we see fit. I need as many of you as possible, especially those of you who have been there with me from the beginning, to be at Moorpark so that we can sort this out together, as we have so deftly dealt with every other obstacle we've yet encountered. There are several options on the table, but I will not make this decision without your input.

      All that said, I appreciate all of your support and dedication as I face one of the most difficult and indeed frightening decisions of my life, and look forward to seeing all of you. Furthermore, do not perceive this as a dissolution of the company, as it is precisely the opposite. Simply, the time has come for me to make necessary changes in my life, so I can continue to be there for all of you, as well as become individually successful. Please, I beseech each and every one of you, to make your best efforts to be at this next event.

      Your obedient servant,
      Captain C. A. Beresovoy
      Commanding Officer, I Company
      "Hamilton Blues"
      2nd Florida Volunteer Infantry Regiment
      of 1st Battalion, Western Brigade
      Manns' Division, Army of Northern Virginia.