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683150th Olustee

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  • Chris Beresovoy
    Jul 13, 2013
      YET another email, I know. BUT, we have a potentially amazing opportunity on our hands, especially for those of us that missed the 150th Gettysburg, or have never been to a "Back East" event before! The 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Olustee Station will be taking place at Olustee Station IN FLORIDA in February on Presidents' Day weekend. I am currently in communication with the NATIONAL 2nd Florida Regiment, of which we are the ONLY I company! We have been invited to attend with them. The event was approximately 6,000 combatants last year, and is one of the only events nationwide that takes place on the actual battlefield! Dawn and I are going, and have family in-state to accomodate the shipping of weapons and ammunition. Who wants to come with us?
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