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2E: Great news! Adaptive PE for the Community

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    Hi All, Great news: Search Articles : • Back to Headlines
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      Hi All,
      Great news:
      Search Articles :
      Adaptive Physical Education Program Expands This Summer

      Pierce College is leading the way in establishing a new Adaptive Physical Education program for students with disabilities and residents recuperating from strokes and surgery in the west end of the San Fernando Valley.

      “Our expanding program will offer an opportunity for individuals to get or continue therapy which is usually denied by insurance companies after a short period of time,” said Norm Crozer, retired director of Special Services who is heading the project.

      “We teach all our students the importance of physical activity in their life. They learn how to modify exercise so that they can participate in the activity safely with their various limitations,” he said.

      For the last several months, Crozer and his team have been putting their heads together to determine a plan to maximize the availability of the Pierce program to the valley.

      “We realized that the best way to run the program was to offer classes through the Pierce Community Services program. We will start classes on a large-scale basis this summer,” Crozer said.

      The Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Exercise class will be offered Summer 2011 Monday and Wednesday at 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. and Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.

      “We have a pool specifically designed for people with various disabilities in the Physical Education Department. We can accommodate up to 20 participants per class,” Crozer said.

      To enroll in the class, visit the Pierce College homepage at www.PierceCollege.edu. Under the “Community” tab, click on Pierce College Extension at left and find the class listed at right.

      Pierce offered one APE class Fall 2010 semester and one Spring 2011 semester. The class is listed in the Fall 2011 schedule of classes as Physical Education 666.

      “The classes cover all the exercise components such as cardiovascular exercise, strength, balance, flexibility, gait training and fine motor skills,” Crozer said.

      “In our adapted gym, we have adapted equipments specifically designed for people with various conditions.”

      To qualify for the classes, all students must obtain medical release form provided prior to the exercise session. The medical release form specifies what kinds of activities are prohibited.

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