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Fw: JUST PUBLISHED -- Announcing the WINTER 2010 Online Issue of Gifted Education Press Quarterly

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      Subject: JUST PUBLISHED -- Announcing the WINTER 2010 Online Issue of Gifted Education Press Quarterly

      Dear Educator/Parent --

      Could you share the following message with your STAFF, TEACHERS OR PARENTS? We are offering a complimentary copy of Gifted Education Press Quarterly. They would need to email me directly to receive our WINTER 2010 issue. My email address is:


      Please encourage your colleagues and friends to email me for a complimentary online subscription to GEPQ.

      I need your help in locating new subscribers, and would greatly appreciate your asking colleagues and friends to contact me. We are now in a major political battle with federal and state governments to maintain gifted education programs in the public schools.  I need your support in making Gifted Education Press Quarterly a resource available to all educators and parents who want to maintain and expand programs for gifted students! Your colleagues and friends should email me at: gifted@....  Thank you.


      Members of the National Advisory Panel for Gifted Education Press Quarterly are:

      Dr. Hanna David — Ben Gurion University at Eilat, Israel; Dr. James Delisle — Kent State University; Dr. Jerry Flack — University of Colorado; Dr. Howard Gardner  — Harvard University; Ms. Margaret Gosfield – Editor, Gifted Education Communicator, Published by the California Association for the Gifted; Ms. Dorothy Knopper — Publisher, Open Space Communications; Mr. James LoGiudice — Bucks County, Pennsylvania IU No. 22; Dr. Bruce Shore — McGill University, Montreal, Quebec; Ms. Joan Smutny — National-Louis University, Illinois; Dr. Colleen Willard-Holt — Dean, Faculty of Education, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario; Ms. Susan Winebrenner —  Consultant, San Marcos, California; Dr. Ellen Winner — Boston College.

      Sincerely Yours in the Best Interests of the Gifted Children of America,


      Maurice Fisher, Ph.D.

      Gifted Education Press

      For my latest interview in EducationNews.Org (June 11, 2009) about the gifted education field, click the following link:



      For my previous interview in EducationNews.Org (January 21, 2009), click the following link:


      P.S. A past issue of Time Magazine (August 27, 2007) contains a lead article entitled, The Genius Problem, This article includes information from an essay published in the Spring 1996 issue of GEPQ – "Anti-Intellectualism in Secondary Schools: The Problem Continues” by Stephen Schroeder-Davis. If you subscribe, you will be able to access this and many other essays from our GEPQ Online Link.


      The WINTER 2010 Online Issue of GEPQ contains the following articles:

      1. Editorial Comments by Maurice Fisher – Discussion of Subscribers to Gifted Education Press Quarterly


      2. Providing Access and Equity: Focusing on Underrepresented High Potential Students in Inquiry-Based Science   

      Dorothy Sisk  Lamar University    Beaumont, Texas


      3. Facilitating Creative Reading for Gifted Students 


      R. E. Myers   Healdsburg, California


      4. Nurturing a Gifted Reader


      Celia Webb, President   Pilinut Press   Warrenton, Virginia


      5. Critique of the Current State of Gifted Education


      Alexis I. du Pont de Bie, Ph.D.    Center for the Analysis of Gifted Education


      6. Turner Classic Movies and the Gifted


      Michael E. Walters, Ed.D.   Center for the Study of the Humanities in the Schools


      If you know a colleague or friend who would like a complimentary copy of the WINTER 2010 Online Issue, tell them to send their request to:




      In addition, please see the information on our Web Site about our latest books on creative thinking, humanities, science and mathematics.  In order to express our appreciation for your support, we are offering a 20% DISCOUNT on all orders sent directly to Gifted Education Press (See our address on our Web Site.) After you deduct 20% for the total amount of your order, please add 10% for Postage and Handling. All orders under $50.00 must be prepaid. Orders of $50.00 or more can be made with a purchase order. If you have any questions, please email me. Thank you.

      Our latest books are as follows:


      1. By Maurice & Eugenia Fisher, Editors: Heroes of Giftedness: An Inspirational Guide for Gifted Students and Their Teachers —Presenting the Personal Heroes of Twelve Experts on Gifted Education. Discusses Highly Gifted Individuals who can be used as models for motivating gifted students to study different fields of knowledge. 


      Heroes of Giftedness: An Inspirational Guide is an exciting new edition to gifted education literature.  It well fulfills its purpose in the inspiring, exhilarating accounts of famous individuals and their contribution to the world.  Gifted students, teachers, and parents will benefit hugely from these biographies of great men and women who overcame personal and professional challenges to move forward in their fields.”   Joan Smutny, Director    The Center for Gifted   National-Louis University


      “My view of the world is that people are best served when they find their passion early on, because we tend to be good at things we’re passionate about. I think we also need to find people whom we admire and try to emulate them.”   Chesley Sullenberger, the Captain who successfully guided US Airways flight 1549 in the Hudson River on January 15, 2009 (From Air & Space Magazine, May 2009, p. 11)


      2. By Harry T. Roman: Energizing Your Gifted Students’ Creative Thinking & Imagination: Using Design Principles, Team Activities, and Invention Strategies —A Complete Lesson Guide for Upper Elementary and Middle School Levels.  Concentrates on nurturing Gifted Children's Applied Creative Thinking and Imagination to solve practical and real world problems. This book will help them become masters at using engineering and design principles in their everyday life in the school and home.




      3.  By Robert E. Myers:  Golden Quills: Creative Thinking and Writing Lessons for Middle-School Gifted Students. Contains Twenty-Seven Challenging Lessons for Stimulating Creative Learning in Language Arts. Further information can be found at:


      4. By Judy Micheletti: MORE SNIBBLES: Serendipitous Seasons. This book focuses on how to motivate gifted students to be more creative at their school and home, and it contains several delightful line drawings that will entice the imagination of all curious children and adults.  Further information can be found at:


      5. By Harry T. Roman: Solar Power, Fuel Cells, Wind Power and Other Important Environmental Studies for Upper Elementary and Middle School Gifted Students and Their Teachers: A Technology, Problem-Solving and Invention Guide. It is perfect for use in Tech Ed, pre-engineering and environmental courses and study units. Further information can be found at:


      All of these books are useful resources for gifted students and their parents and teachers. They can be ordered directly from gifted education Press or through Amazon.com.




      Please contact me if you have any ideas for new articles or books that GEP can publish.

      Thank you.


      Maurice Fisher, Ph.D.


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