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  • wandaloans
    Thanks, Diane! We will try to go to that next weekend! I think I ll ask our ABA therapist if we can go to it as part of his Saturday ABA, because he has such
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      Thanks, Diane!  We will try to go to that next weekend!  I think I'll ask our ABA therapist if we can go to it as part of his Saturday ABA, because he has such a hard time going to things like this, he always gets overwhelmed and "bored" and just wants to leave almost as soon as he gets there.  So it will be a good experience, and maybe I can pick up some ideas on things to keep him busy.
      His birthday is tomorrow, 15 already.  Geez, how did that even happen???  We're not doing a party - he's too old for that anymore.  He's just hanging out here with a friend from Torrance.   I took a fruit platter (the one from Whole Foods, I LOVE those!) yesterday to the school for his class, and some cookies for the kids to have at the end of the day for his birthday -- I even bought some gluten-free cookies because I figured some kids might not be able to eat wheat.  Who knows...  I'm guessing if their parents aren't present, they eat what they want!! LOL  I used to babysit my sister-in-law's kids who got fed nothing but natural organic foods and they would BEG me to take them to McDonalds and 31 Flavors for ice cream when I'd babysit them! LOL  (They're all grown now, still our little secret!) 
      I'm still hoping we can get the boys together soon, but it seems every weekend I am just trying to catch up on laundry and house work... thank God I only had one kid, can't imagine doing more laundry than I already do!!! LOL
      Take care!
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      Hi All,

      Spread the word about next Saturday's - June 8th - Stephanie's Day fair
      at the CBS Studios on Radford in Studio City. It's a great, fun, and
      friendly event. Parking is on the lot. But be sure to bring your

      Attached is the flyer for Stephanie’s Day. Please feel free to forward
      to anyone that would benefit from attending the event! Thank you and I
      will see you soon!


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