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AH Hewitt

Archibald "Archie" Harold Hewitt was an original member of the battalion. After a short time in France, he developed heart trouble after a shell exploded
Al Lloyd
Aug 17

Ernest Albert Ison

In June of 1915 Ernest Albert Ison joined the 55th Battalion in Sussex New Brunswick after immigrating from England in 1912. Following his training in Canada
Al Lloyd
Aug 15

Albert Pearce

Albert Pearce came to Canada from England and settled in the Calgary Alberta area. In the summer of 1915 he attested into the 63rd Battalion in Calgary and
Al Lloyd
Aug 7

Patrick Philban

Patrick Philban originally attested into the 2nd Depot Battalion of the British Columbia Regiment in Victoria, British Columbia. While in England he was
Al Lloyd
Aug 3

Re: Commemorative Book [3 Attachments]. Charles Hilton

Al has probably got in touch with you, but just in case it’s Al Lloyd 21stbattalion@... Also Olde Age at its finest
John P Sargeant
Jul 24

Re: Commemorative Book [3 Attachments]. Charles Hilton

Hi Al: Not doing too well ... can't find your email to me re: your address etc. Don't know where it went. Could you please resend it to me? Thanks again,
Jul 24

Lewis Shambourg Peverelle

Lewis Shambourg Peverelle, born in Toronto, was living in Port Hope when the war broke out and he decided to join the 21st Battalion as an original member. He
Al Lloyd
Jul 7

Commemorative Book

A personalized commemorative volume is now available that not only briefly highlights the history of the 21st Battalion, but also provides a full description
Al Lloyd
Jul 7
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Sydney Arthur Petty

Sydney Arthur Petty became a British Home Child after both of his parents passed away while he was very young. He attested into the 207th Battalion in Ottawa
Al Lloyd
Jul 6

Arthur Pagett

Arthur Pagett is one of those original members of the 21st Battalion that never made it to France. He severely sprained an ankle and was discovered to have
Al Lloyd
Jul 5

Robert Peters

Robert Peters came to Canada from Scotland and joined the 164th Battalion in Hamilton, Ontario in December of 1916. After being attached to a couple of
Al Lloyd
Jul 3

Alexander Peters

Alexander Peters joined the 154th Battalion in Cornwall, Ontario in January of 1916 and following his training in Canada and England, joined the 21st Battalion
Al Lloyd
Jul 1

Francis Pendergast

Francis Thomas Pendergast enlisted in the 154th Battalion in Cornwall, Ontario with the rank of Lieutenant in 1916. He joined the 21st Battalion in August of
Al Lloyd
Jun 30

Oscar Nelson Pearson

Oscar Nelson Pearson was only 16 years old when he attested into the 254th Battalion in Frankford, Ontario in 1916. He lied about his age in order to enlist
Al Lloyd
Jun 29

Wallace Elmore Peacock

Wallace Elmore Peacock joined the 88th Battalion in Duncan, British Columbia in December of 1915. Even though his occupation was listed as a Cook, when he
Al Lloyd
Jun 28
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