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  • weefums
    Jun 10, 2002
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      Yeah any Ashbery is good to go on. A favorite piece of mine from him
      is called "A Wave." It's a rather long, intense journey into the
      speaker's collective past through his present. Interestingly, a poem
      of his entitled "Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror" is a poem that
      begs deconstruction, and that is the message behind the poem. Easy to
      pick up on if you know the jargon.

      I've taught Plath to seventh and twelfth graders--my favorite poem of
      hers, "Black Rook in Rainy Weather." The seventh graders enjoyed the
      poem a lot for what it was. When I taught it to tenth graders, I
      taught about the poets'lives whom I was teaching. Most of them were
      sad for Sylvia, and the idea of her sanity and eventual suicide made
      them feel for her and her poetry. It worked.

      On the other hand, when I taught these same tenth graders Richard
      Cory, they questioned my intention--why I was "promoting" suicide to
      a bunch of kids. They completely missed the point of that whole poem.
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