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2120: Still lots of mids...

Hello everybody, Couple of weeks ago, I had a problem with my 2112, sounding too "nosy". There was an awful lot of midrange in my sound. Maybe some of you guys
Carsten Altena
Jul 11, 2001

Re: 2120: changing power tubes

I agree, use your own ears. Some people can't tell any difference in the sound or feel of different tubes, and some can't. There's no reason to spend a lot
Jul 9, 2001

Re: 2120: changing power tubes

No, it won't hurt your amp to replace the tubes as long as you replace them with the correct tubes. When an amp is biased it is simply fine tuned for the
Jul 9, 2001

2120: Manual for 2.10

Is there a manual available for the 2.10 version? I just can't figure out how to use the sampler properly. Jesse Duley www.woodenboy.co.uk
Jesse Duley
Jul 8, 2001

Re: 2120: changing power tubes

Hey - I am not an amp tech, but I do own a Mesa/Boogie DC-5 (50W tube amp). I know that whether you need to rebias depends on how your biasing is set up.
Jul 8, 2001

2120: changing power tubes

Hey. I was wondering how bad it would be if I changed the power tubes in my amp without rebiasing. The present tubes are Groove Tube EL34LS and I now have
Kevin Thorne
Jul 7, 2001

2120: midi pedal help...

hey.. my 2112 is doing just fine. since i havent yet the money for a new c1, i have been using my old preamp, the digitech rp-10 as my midi pedal only. i
Jason Golf
Jul 7, 2001

2120: Re: 430 Hz Tuning?

To move down exactly one half step (using equal temperament tuning system) divide the frequency of the note by the twelfth root of 2 (which is approximately
David Straight
Jul 6, 2001

2120: 430 Hz Tuning?

Hello to all, I've recently started to play with a cover band and all the guys tune to 430 Hz. I had no problem with tuning down from 440 with my 2120 until I
Layne Rockstar
Jul 6, 2001

2120: Leslie/Rotary Speaker?

Good day to all, I've read the manual on the rotary speaker section and am still a little confused about the effect. Could anyone enlighten me with wisdom on
Layne Rockstar
Jul 6, 2001

2120:tubes designated? - Anyone out there?

last night at a gig. I've had the 2120 for about 9 months with no problems. My clean patches were ok, but when I went to the morph patch (clean to dirty), the
Jul 6, 2001

AW: 2120: Circuit Diagrams

Just buy them instead of self-building.... ... ====================================================================
Jul 6, 2001

2120: Circuit Diagrams

Does anyone know any web pages or have themselves circuit diagrams for amps and effects, especially a Morley Wah, Electro-Harmonix Small Stone and a Marshall
Philip Harrison
Jul 6, 2001

2120: j-station

Hey guys. I just wanted to let you know that I'm selling my j-station for $80, and that includes shipping and handling (at least for all destinations in the
Kevin Thorne
Jul 5, 2001

Re: 2120: TK-999???

a quick scan of google turned this up http://members.aol.com/analogmike/ts9.htm hth pete ... From: 2120@...-dod.com
Jul 5, 2001
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