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Share the first-hand experience of the Civil War

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    (http://links.namgclubs.net/ctt?kn=18&ms=NTAwOTIzOQS2&r=NTgzNDMwMTI1OQS2&b=0&j=MTg2MzEyMDQ5S0&mt=1&rt=0) October 3, 2011 Share the first-hand experience of
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      October 3, 2011
      Share the first-hand experience
      of the Civil War

      http://links.namgclubs.net/ctt?kn=15&ms=NTAwOTIzOQS2&r=NTgzNDMwMTI1OQS2&b=0&j=MTg2MzEyMDQ5S0&mt=1&rt=0 There's no shortage of books about the American Civil War from the historian's point of view. But what was it like to live through the conflict day by day?

      Highly decorated career military man Robert E. Denney, who served in Korea and Vietnam, spent the rest of his life pursuing a lifelong passion for the Civil War following his retirement. The Civil War Years: An Illustrated Chronicle of the Life of a Nation is his collection of firsthand accounts—from soldiers on the front as well as voices back at home—drawn from books, letters, and diaries. The volume also includes an enormous number of period photos, drawings, maps, and sheet music, as well as representations of surviving war paraphernalia.

      These 150 years later, interest in the defining conflict in our country's history is rising to an all-time peak. What better way to understand those events than through the eyes and words of those who lived them?

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